I won't lie, my most favourite part of having any conversations with people is when the conversation switches from surface level talk to real talk. Our generation is SO OVER the fake, blah blah blah superficial, surface level talk. Seriously how boring is that ? What our heart longs for is real connection and what… Continue reading TRANSPARENCY

3 Painful Lessons To Be Learnt From Catfish

I can't even lie, CATFISH is fast becoming my favourite new TV show to watch! How have I seriously missed out on this show till season 6! The depth of emotions felt & levels of deceit exposed makes this show absolutely addictive !!! And let's be honest our hearts absolutely go out to the hopefuls… Continue reading 3 Painful Lessons To Be Learnt From Catfish

How To Turn A Guy Down Like A Lady

You see girl you are honey & I am like a bee that couldn't resist coming over and talking to you You have got to love pick up lines hey! This was one I had to personally navigate through a couple of weeks ago after a guy literally chased my car down. But what do… Continue reading How To Turn A Guy Down Like A Lady

How Porn Actually Affects Relationships ?

  Lately I have really been pondering about this due to a documentary by Ross Kemp, a TED X talk by Ran Gavrieli (video below) as well as my numerous frank and honest discussions I have had with my girlfriends. As women in this generation it is our general fear that we will never measure… Continue reading How Porn Actually Affects Relationships ?