My OLD Diet vs My NEW Diet

Diet is by far the hardest part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Most people think that it is going to the gym that is the hardest part but in all honesty that is actually the easiest part. Breaking, changing and forming new diet habits can be a real struggle for many. Unfortunately a bad diet… Continue reading My OLD Diet vs My NEW Diet

Who’s The New Guy? 

  "Have you ever had one of those moments when people you have known for a long time, completely fail to recognise you?" I was recently chatting to a group of people, when one of my oldest friends came up behind me and said “You know, I just had to ask someone who the new… Continue reading Who’s The New Guy? 

How Exercise Helped Me Beat Depression

Hindsight is a pretty awesome thing isn't it? What would we do without it? In 2013 I had honestly hit rock bottom. It still breaks my heart to think of how I was. Hopes and dreams shattered but holding on by a thread. One friend of mine whom I will always be forever thankful for… Continue reading How Exercise Helped Me Beat Depression