I won't lie, my most favourite part of having any conversations with people is when the conversation switches from surface level talk to real talk. Our generation is SO OVER the fake, blah blah blah superficial, surface level talk. Seriously how boring is that ? What our heart longs for is real connection and what… Continue reading TRANSPARENCY

ZERO “What Ifs” 

What Ifs suck people!!! Like majorly suck ! What If I had taken that chance ? What If I had applied for that job ? What If I had written that book ? What If I had said yes ? What If I had joined the gym ? What If I had stepped out ?… Continue reading ZERO “What Ifs” 

10 Ways To Tell You Are A Selfie Addict ! 

  Selfie = a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone and shared via social media (Oxford Dictionary) Addict = An enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity (Oxford Dictionary) Selfie addiction is a new phenomenon that is unfortunately affecting this current generation like no other. Gone are… Continue reading 10 Ways To Tell You Are A Selfie Addict ! 

My Summer Concert Reviews : Beyoncé vs Coldplay

This summer I got to go and see two of my most favourite artists in the world... Yoncé & Coldplay! I saw them both in the same month which was slightly overwhelming but regardless of that I loved every moment of both of these concerts and here is my review on them! COLDPLAY   Coldplay!!!!!… Continue reading My Summer Concert Reviews : Beyoncé vs Coldplay