#BeInspired 2016

Join The Community! Sweat With Us Xx Happy New Year! http://youtu.be/lkbzVYlVSG0

I Think I Have Fallen For My Trainer!

"Ronia don't you have a thing for your trainer, would you consider him! He is great boyfriend material!" I cannot tell you how many of my friends have said this to me this past year and a half! And let's not forget even my mom has said this to me! You see in April 2015… Continue reading I Think I Have Fallen For My Trainer!

What the ANGELS do!

I am currently enjoying watching the VSFashion show and was a bit curious at what the Angels do to keep them fit! Here are a few things they mentioned: Skipping Kickboxing Boxing Pilates Weight Training Barre Training Resistance Bands Running Go Angels ... we all thought it was your good genes honestly! Rx http://youtu.be/MpTe49ha0lU

The No 1 thing to NEVER say to a #Fitspo 

Ok so you may not actually be aware of this but us #fitspos #gymrats #girlsthatlift have actually got feelings! I mean I know you may all be taken aback by all our gains and I know you may think that our abs of steel are a shield to our heart but the honest truth is… Continue reading The No 1 thing to NEVER say to a #Fitspo 

Start & Succeed In Your New Years Resolution Now! 

A couple of weeks ago me and Chris (my trainer aka The Boss) were talking about the different stages that we go through when we start to consider implementing change in our lives. Those of you whom are regular gym attenders are highly aware of the upcoming influx of new gym members that will be… Continue reading Start & Succeed In Your New Years Resolution Now! 

How Exercise Helped Me Beat Depression

Hindsight is a pretty awesome thing isn't it? What would we do without it? In 2013 I had honestly hit rock bottom. It still breaks my heart to think of how I was. Hopes and dreams shattered but holding on by a thread. One friend of mine whom I will always be forever thankful for… Continue reading How Exercise Helped Me Beat Depression

Navigating Festive Food & Drink!

Yikes it's November and the festive season is upon us! That means staff parties, Christmas dinner, Christmas pudding, Boxing Day leftovers, after 8 mints, pâtés, alcohol, more alcohol, eggnog, chocolates and sooooo much more! Yikes! So how does one even begin to navigate this territory and come out successful on the other side and not… Continue reading Navigating Festive Food & Drink!

Start Stop Repeat…..

Whilst watching our good old XFactor last night I pulled out and read some of my old journals! My goal to be healthy was written in every single one of my journals. I had the desire and the drive, I really did, but what I noticed is that in the past I had become stuck… Continue reading Start Stop Repeat…..

Why Blog?

Hi. My name is Ronia. I am a midwife and I have recently turned 30. Over the past few years I have been on a rather spectacular journey to get fit and healthy. You see I am sure most of you like me have tried anything and everything to get fit and healthy. From diets… Continue reading Why Blog?