Elevation Worship – At Midnight Album Thoughts

”There is a promise that points beyond my failure, even the worst of my mistakes are miracles in the making” With powerful lyrics such as this throughout the new Elevation Worship album, it is not hard to see why this album is a must have for every Christian out there. Every song is an ANTHEMEvery… Continue reading Elevation Worship – At Midnight Album Thoughts

Excerpts – Lecrae Moore

“Success is not what I’ve done compared with what others have done. Success is what I’ve done compared with what God has called me to do.”

I’m Genuinely Losing My Faith & It Doesn’t Bother Me

About a month ago I got a DM from a dear friend of mine informing me of the recent loss of faith of one prominent leader Joshua Harris. After 20 years of his faith journey which included writing some of the most influential dating books as well as pastoring a church he was walking away… Continue reading I’m Genuinely Losing My Faith & It Doesn’t Bother Me

5 Lessons About Love, Ministry & Life I Have Had To Learn The Hard Way #anotheryearbaby

  There is no point in getting older if you don't get any wiser and getting wiser for me this year has come at a very expensive cost.   This past year for me has been filled with dramatic highs and catastrophic lows, but I would not change one thing about this last year. I… Continue reading 5 Lessons About Love, Ministry & Life I Have Had To Learn The Hard Way #anotheryearbaby

I Am Stuck In An Abusive Christian Relationship!

Abuse in Christian relationships is so real people. It is more common than you think. Over 40% of Christians have experienced abuse with over 56% of the perpetrators being Christian themselves.  The only problem is that we do not bring this issue to the surface as much as we should. We love to assume that… Continue reading I Am Stuck In An Abusive Christian Relationship!

Why Racial Reconciliation Must Be A Priority In 2019.

The issue of race has become a phenomenal topic in our #woke generation. The only problem I have realised is that I genuinely hear more about the problem and less about working towards the solution. Racism is a poison that is destroying many healthy hearts and mindsets. Our minds are drowning so much in what… Continue reading Why Racial Reconciliation Must Be A Priority In 2019.

Don’t Let Disappointment Determine Your 2019 #Adulting

Disappointment, if not careful will dislocate you from your future. In 2019 refuse to let disappointment rob you of your future. You see we have all faced disappointments in 2018. Disappointments in our friends, our family, our jobs, our personal lives and if you are being honest some of these have led to blame, resentment… Continue reading Don’t Let Disappointment Determine Your 2019 #Adulting

So Over Fake Friends in 2019 #Adulting

  I absolutely love the new year! All the dreams, possibilities and goals that come along with the new year are just so fresh and exciting! But 2019 is what we make it and who we choose to journey along with in 2019 will greatly impact how we finish the year!   Last year I… Continue reading So Over Fake Friends in 2019 #Adulting


I won't lie, my most favourite part of having any conversations with people is when the conversation switches from surface level talk to real talk. Our generation is SO OVER the fake, blah blah blah superficial, surface level talk. Seriously how boring is that ? What our heart longs for is real connection and what… Continue reading TRANSPARENCY

Desperately Seeking A Mentor #WillYouMentorMe?

Ok, I am not going to sugar-coat this at all : Millenials in church today are desperately seeking a mentor & them not having one is one of the biggest reasons why Millenials vote with their feet and LEAVE church. This is no different in their work life, according to Forbes ...companies that are known… Continue reading Desperately Seeking A Mentor #WillYouMentorMe?