“I wonder what would happen to my brother if he was stopped by the San Angelo Police Department ?”

That is the question I am left asking myself after watching the brutal video of the Minneapolis police officer arrest. I am taken back to the time where we were stopped once by a police officer in Texas. I was younger and naive but reflecting back now I wonder if in that moment my brother was more terrified than he seemed.

We were travelling on the highway from San Angelo to Dallas when we saw the blue lights of the police car signalling for us to pull over. I remember in that moment the music being immediately stopped. The atmosphere within the car changing and my brother, whilst the police officer approached the car, turning to us and saying, “don’t speak unless spoken to and just LOOK forward.”

photography by jonny caspari

You have to understand that the images we see and continue to see of police brutality are enough to make anyone’s blood boil, regardless of race. The lessons not learnt and the inability to change is beyond shocking. The lack of humanity is simply depressing and the reality of it all is that we have forgotten to remain human.

A simple cry of “I can’t breathe” should instinctively cause us to want to help another human.

However, what we witness and see instead is the same as someone saying “I am drowning” and an onlooker just casually standing with a lifebouy in their hands. Where is the humanity ? Is MY OWN brother treated with humanity ?

The issue of race is so deep rooted in our society that I really believe it is going to take the coming together of brave, godly, wise and mature people from different races to come together and have the most uncomfortable and honest dialogue about this with the sole purpose of being a catalyst of change.

It is no longer good enough getting angry on Twitter, or writing paragraphs on our Instagrams as we can see 6 years on that nothing has changed. We have lost yet another human who uttered the same words as before, #ICantBreathe.

photography by hendo wang

“The challenge for us all now is HOW CAN WE be an agent of change.”

We need to seriously ask ourselves in this next chapter of setting our sights on reconciliation and understanding, are we approachable?

  • Do people feel they can ask you the difficult questions about race without being afraid of you being salty and defensive ?
  • Do you have the capacity to listen ?
  • Within your sphere of influence can you encourage a healthy dialogue ?

It is time for us to think outside the box. It is surely time for me to think outside the box.

The last I checked, the word said that in Him we are victorious. Though stories like this can do a lot to bring utter discouragement and most of all division, let us not allow our hearts in this time to be divided & discouraged BUT let us instead petition heaven about this and tackle this head on TOGETHER !

We have surely had enough now ……….

Much Love, Ronia

photography by corina straub

3 thoughts on “I CAN’T BREATHE”

  1. It sad that one can lose their life in such away. We as as individuals of the Kingdom need to stand against such senselessnes.


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