I’m Coming Out Different

I don’t know what the past version of you may have been or even the current version but what I do know for sure is that the future version of you is going to be truly unrecognisable.

We are coming out different on the other side of this quarantine and I strongly believe that on the other side of this is going to be:

  • the version of you that has stronger unshakable convictions of who they are
  • the version of you that knows what their true purpose is
  • the version of you that is filled with new dreams
  • and the version of you that is going to be filled with true gratitude for life, family, and community
photography by Yuris Alhumayday

This opportunity of solitude and silence, though agonising is allowing for some of us to really know what it means to hear from God for ourselves.

But not only that, it is pushing us into hearing God in regards to where we are going. Allowing for those God dreams to be birthed again, for vision to fill your mind so you can see beyond the 4 walls that you are currently boxed in.

The box is difficult, I understand because we are all in our boxes. Some of us are battling loneliness, relationship conflicts, no income, uncertainty and so much more but the box will not defeat us. We are coming out different! This is NOT the end.

“the mirror“

Finally, I just want to encourage you again to not be afraid of the solitude, the looking at yourself in the mirror, the silence and the emotions that are going to bubble up to the surface. You may need to switch off your phone for a few hours, turn that television or iPad off and just be in the moment.

That moment will be more powerful and significant than you can ever imagine .

Good emotions/memories will bubble up and so will be painful ones including regrets but what matters most is what we do with them.

Allow for God to meet you there in those moments and breathe into those moments. You may be moved to tears, it’s ok. You may be be moved to laughter or moved to journal. Just allow yourself to be and don’t rush what he may be doing in you through these moments.


This season which for a lot of us feels like darkness, will truly be one that develops our character and our core. It would be a shame if we remained the same. I am coming out different, will you be too ?

Much Love, Ronia

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