Pause : a temporary stop in action

It has been truly fascinating seeing the world respond to “The Big Pause”. As we embrace these next few weeks of self isolation and quarantine, what mindset really should we enter this time with.

I really would like to encourage each and everyone of you to really take this time to just stop and really reassess your life (in a good way). I mean let’s be honest when we get the world up and running again which will happen we definitely want to start back up again stronger mentally than before.

Please don’t be afraid to take some time assessing your life, asking yourselves questions like: is this the life I wanted, am I where I want to be, do I need to change some things around.

Two things are going to happen after THE BIG PAUSE, either you are going to go back into all you were doing before fully committed and passionate or either you are going to walk away from some stuff. And that is OK. Some of you are genuinely stuck in jobs, relationships or situations that you are not happy with and this is going to be your breathing space to assess all of this. For some of you, seeing how other professionals have handled this crisis may spur you on to change your whole career.

But to make the most of your big pause, you actually have to pause.

Yes that journal has to be dusted off, that TV has to be switched off at times & that phone has to be put down at times. The biggest regret you could possibly have is to come out of this national pause feeling more exhausted and online overloaded than when you went in because you never actually put any boundaries to actually BE STILL.

In this moment in time, there is going to be so much demand for your attention but let’s not waste this commodity of our time. Zone in on your community and resist the desire to zone into everybody else’s.

Use that time instead to just pause. I have personally written 3 specific things I would like to invest my time in during this time of national lockdown and I can’t wait to get stuck into them. On top of that I will also be doing some adult colouring and listening to my favourite music. What are yours.

Finally this is a perfect time to really cultivate your relationship with God. Stopping, pausing and remembering that above all else, during this time of pause He is in control.

Much Love, Ronia

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