Why Women Have Been Incredibly Moved by The Savage X Fenty Show !

I honestly still can’t get over the Savage X Fenty show that aired on Friday and deep down I have been incredibly inspired by the creativity and inclusiveness of this fashion show.

Real Women, Real bodies, Real inclusiveness!


If you are a fan of Victoria’s Secret then I am so sorry to say this but the VS fashion show is officially now a thing of the past! Women are officially sick and tired of the misrepresentation of true womanhood and beauty. Women are also sick and tired of feeling slightly depressed after watching the VS fashion show 👏🏽.



The Savage X Fenty show was a true celebration of womanhood that had a global ripple effect.

For me the moment of the show that blew me away was seeing Mama Cax owning her true self with her amputee. I honestly thought to myself I have ZERO EXCUSE to not achieve the goals I have set before for myself (& nor do you). Your list of excuses only hinder yourself and it’s time you throw away your negative, woe is me mentality and grab life by the horns. 



This show has officially showed us the way our society is going and an insight into what people seek when they are longing for community. Marginalising people is now a thing of the past and what our society longs for is for diversity, inclusiveness and not seeing people’s disabilities as a problem.



If you are female and you haven’t watched this then I highly recommend you tune into this celebration of womanhood.

Goodbye VS and your negative impact on millions of girls out there and hello Savage X Fenty and your incredibly positive outlook on womanhood.


Much Love,



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