Elevation Worship – At Midnight Album Thoughts

”There is a promise that points beyond my failure, even the worst of my mistakes are miracles in the making”

With powerful lyrics such as this throughout the new Elevation Worship album, it is not hard to see why this album is a must have for every Christian out there.

  • Every song is an ANTHEM
  • Every song is a DECLARATION
  • Every song is a VIVID REMINDER of the goodness and faithfulness of God

I have personally been blown away by “It Is So” the second song on the album because of the powerful opening verse. Personally for me this song has helped with calming a multitude of anxieties that I may personally have about my future.

I would strongly recommend you having this on your playlist if for any reason you too may be feeling a little uncertain about life (I mean hey we all do right). You may be waiting on your promise from God :

  • promise on having a baby
  • promise on marriage
  • promise on healing
  • promise on seeing the outworking of God in your life

Whatever your promise may be this song is a beautiful reminder that he is faithful. My favourite part within the song is the tag in which Tiffany Hammer beautifully transitioned into some of the most stunning free worship. During this moment she boldly declares that:

“I already know you are gonna do it, Your word is settled in heaven”

The song is then followed by “See A Victory” which opens with the words “The weapon may be formed but it won’t prosper!” The opening statement is so bold that you can’t help but change your inner spiritual posture from timid to battle ready.

We all have “weapons” that may be formed against us:

  • weapons of anxiety
  • weapons of depression
  • weapons of debt
  • weapons of addictions

But this song has the weight and power like that of Thor’s hammer that is capable of crushing any thoughts within your mind that may for a second make you believe that there is no victory.

Within our lives we have to hold tightly onto the truth that we are going to See A Victory.

My personal warning for you is that you have to be prepared to belt out the ever so addictive tag. I genuinely feel so sorry for my neighbours whom have undoubtedly heard me belt this out in the shower (because I so love the acoustics of the room) and the drivers who have seen me driving around with one hand in the “praise Jesus” position. So just be ready (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

The rest of the album holds as much weight as these two songs but I have for today decided to break down my two favourites It Is So & See A Victory.

If you haven’t heard this album yet then I strongly recommend it to you and for those of you who have, I strongly recommend that you recommend to others. At Midnight is a bold, declarative and inspiring album.

Much Love, Ronia

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