I’m Genuinely Losing My Faith & It Doesn’t Bother Me

About a month ago I got a DM from a dear friend of mine informing me of the recent loss of faith of one prominent leader Joshua Harris. After 20 years of his faith journey which included writing some of the most influential dating books as well as pastoring a church he was walking away from his faith.

Shortly after that Marty Sampson from Hillsong Worship also publicly announced that he too was “genuinely losing his faith.” After a life of ministry, travelling the world and leading thousands in worship, he had had enough.

“Time for some real talk….. I’m genuinely losing my faith and it doesn’t bother me…. like what bothers me now is nothing” – Marty Sampson

The issue of doubt is real within our churches today, the only problem is that it is hard to see until that person walks out of your church doors citing loss of faith as their reason for leaving.

Even the most committed sound technician, worship leader or team member can fall into the danger of going through the motions of church whilst wavering terribly in their faith. Treating the worship as the karaoke segment of church due to failing to engage spiritually with the ever fast paced momentum of church and the Christian life.

In my experience, I have only had two people in leadership open up to me about their struggle with doubt, which makes me ask the question “Is there room for those genuinely doubting & wavering in their faith?”

Do we explore ones faith properly or do we have a generalised assumption that because someone does this, that and the other they are a strong committed Christian? Do we value the performance of an individual over their obedience they have for God ?

Now please don’t get me wrong, I actually don’t have an issue with doubt. In fact I believe that seasons of doubt if handled well can actually draw an individual closer to God. C.S Lewis, Mother Teresa and even Charles Spurgeon all wrestled with doubt.

My only problem is the lack of transparency and honesty about this. We clearly just don’t talk about this enough. Christians are obviously guilt ridden during periods of wobbling faith hence why they are afraid of being vulnerable.

And to make matters worse those who do open up are hit with the cliché Christian language rhetoric such as “just have faith.”

I am genuinely fed up of seeing stories such as those of Josh Harris and Marty Sampson as well as seeing people in my world walk away from their faith. Let us close the door of people leaving church due to the issue of doubt.

  • Let us commit to making room for those genuinely losing their faith.
  • Let us always remember to point people back to the one and only anchor – THE WORD !
  • Let us have genuine dialogue about people’s relationship, walk with God and struggles they may be facing.

For God has so much in store for us and wants us to go the long haul. Please feel free to let me know about any seasons of doubt you have ever encountered in your faith life and how you got through them.

Much Love,


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