5 Lessons About Love, Ministry & Life I Have Had To Learn The Hard Way #anotheryearbaby


There is no point in getting older if you don’t get any wiser and getting wiser for me this year has come at a very expensive cost.


This past year for me has been filled with dramatic highs and catastrophic lows, but I would not change one thing about this last year. I can honestly say I am SO much stronger mentally, I am SO much happier within and I am quite optimistic about the future. You see life is a great adventure and learning to be resilient and grow mentally is the key to unlocking all that life has to offer. 

There is no point in getting older, celebrating another birthday if you are not getting any wiser. The beauty of age is experience. The beauty of youth is time. So what has my last year taught me…..

Here are my top 5 lessons :



Living a life of blaming others for your current state of affairs is downright EXHAUSTING and simply put, no one has time for that.


You have to understand that we have time on our side but the time we have is not for us to sit around complaining, whining, blaming and losing precious energy.



Look at your life today……..put your phone down and take ownership of your life.  You are 100% responsible for where you are now so stop blaming others. No excuses, no pity parties. Get off that Netflix, come away from your friend “Negative Nancy” and get some perspective and take ownership of your life. You and only you are responsible for your life. Period.





I have seen the demise of people who are visionless about their life, purpose and future.


Owning your vision is critical and for me I have had to daily “Own The Vision” that God has given me for my life.

In the darkest and most loneliest hours when I have cried to sleep trying to grasp and understand who I am and why I am here in life, I have had to hold onto the truth of God over my life. I have a vision board on my wall with all the prophetic words spoken over my life are on there. I personally journal everyday & I surround myself with people who know my hearts desires and passion.

With no vision you will perish and you will do so VERY quickly. 

Own your vision before someone defines your future for you or before the enemy steals great opportunity from you.




I can laugh about this now but this lesson came with a lot of tears. Being misunderstood is painful especially if your intentions are good.


This past year I found that a lot of my good intentions were being perceived the wrong way. It was very difficult to navigate but it has helped me understand that a lot of who we are has potential to be misunderstood. And that is ok. 

Let us stop trying to prove ourselves or go out of our way to explain ourselves to others. Instead let us learn the power of doing whatever has to be done with a right attitude, heart and mind.






People change their mind and people in your life will change their mind.


Learn to be independent. Work hard and do you so you are never at the mercy of someone else’s decision. People come and people go. People will be here for you one day and gone the next.

Learn to stand on your own two feet and be confident about it. 





There is so much more to life than being stuck in a deadbeat cycle that you hate because you feel you have to achieve certain things by a certain age.


Crikey! Do what you love! You have time on your hands.



I have learnt the hard way to take all human “pressure” and expectation off. I am here to capitalise on every moment of time, experience new things and not be afraid of failure.

My days are full. My time is full. My life is full. Don’t buy into the lie that you don’t have time and get “stuck” in life. Experiment, take risk and don’t fear failure. You have time. 



Birthdays are precious and I am so thankful for another year. So as I celebrate another year I pray and hope that something I have written resonates with you. Life is an adventure and let’s make the most of this exciting journey.


Much Love, Ronia

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