Why Racial Reconciliation Must Be A Priority In 2019.

The issue of race has become a phenomenal topic in our #woke generation. The only problem I have realised is that I genuinely hear more about the problem and less about working towards the solution.

Racism is a poison that is destroying many healthy hearts and mindsets.

Our minds are drowning so much in what the world is telling us about this issue that it is hardening our hearts to the ability to love one another as commanded .

We have to be so careful to not get caught up in the whirlwind of racism that we are so distracted and fail to pick up the mantle of being the agent of reconciliation.

The church is the agent of reconciliation and should be the example of how to treat & even think about one another.

We can’t look to the world in regards to this matter. We have to look to the One who led the way and the One who died for every race, culture and ethnicity. Here are 3 ways to help you be the agent of reconciliation in 2019:


We now live in a world where we want to be right and justified all the time that we barely take the time to understand the other person. We never understand them, their culture, their struggles & their humanity. It’s all about me, me & me.

In 2019 we have to prioritise understanding each other. There is a reason the other person is responding the way they are doing.  But to prioritise understanding will require for us to step out of our comfort zone and into new friendship groups and races.

I was privileged enough to be educated in a private school which was full of different ethnicities from a very young age and this allowed me to view diversity as normal first.

It was normal for me to have caucasian friends. It was normal for us to have sleepovers together. It was normal for us to play hockey. It was normal for us to laugh together.

That was my normal. Diversity was NORMAL.

Has your barrier to understanding been due to the lack of diversity in your friendship circle and life. Is it normal for you to have a different ethnicity within your friendship group ? Let’s make colour normal as that will lead to us seeing the world through someone else’s lens too & help begin the journey of reconciliation.


We all love talking about race so why don’t we just talk to each other about it. Even the thought of it is making you uncomfortable right! The problem is we all come to these conversations with our past hurts, fears, angers and immediately the defensive barrier goes up.

To converse requires for one to SPEAK and the other to LISTEN.

Ask the hard questions, don’t swim around the topic, dive straight in. For this to work will require for you to listen. It will require for us to not be governed by our emotions but to actually take time and talk through the issue.

Tip: Always ask the question out of a place of love & desiring to understand. Never start this conversation out of a place of resentment or desire for a debate.


The right perspective is the God perspective. Not any political perspective, not any friendship perspective, not any church perspective but the God perspective.

To become an agent of reconciliation understand clearly what the Bible says about this matter. Too many times we look elsewhere for the answer where the answer is very clear :

Psalm 133 v 1 (TPT) : 

“How truly wonderful and delightful to see brothers and sisters living together in sweet unity”

Unity, colour and diversity is who we are. I can’t speak for the systematic racism that we encounter in our workplaces as those compasses are flawed but I can speak for what should happen in our churches as our compass is clear. It points towards unity. Let’s run towards unity! Let’s run towards colour & let’s run towards diversity in 2019.

The issue of racism is real and let’s choose this year to be the change agent. There is too much at stake to just skim over the issue. We have the clear compass. Let’s direct each other towards unity and diversity so that we can show off Him who is love and point society towards Him.

This year:

    • Prioritise Understanding 
    • Ask The Hard Questions
  • Have The Right Perspective 

Let me know in the comments section below how you feel we can best tackle this issue. Look forward to hearing from you. 

Much Love, Ronia

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