So Over Fake Friends in 2019 #Adulting


I absolutely love the new year! All the dreams, possibilities and goals that come along with the new year are just so fresh and exciting! But 2019 is what we make it and who we choose to journey along with in 2019 will greatly impact how we finish the year!


Last year I heard a new term of a very dangerous type of friendship that sabotages your mental wellbeing and ever since then I have been interested in why this type of friendship is so renowned.





 It may not mean much to you now but trust me you definitely have one or two people in your friendship circle who fit this description of this toxic type of friendship to have. 


The Ambivalent Friend is :

  • That friend of yours that you are not so sure you enjoy spending any time with them. You hesitate when they ask you to hangout.


  • That friend that you hesitate to answer the phone when they phone & you only remember them because they have phoned.


  • That friend that is unpredictable. You never really can trust them fully. You are unsure of their true motive towards you. 


  • That friend that is hot & cold. Can have a complete rant about you behind your back one day and then smile at you the next.


  • That friend that you struggle to place. Are you close or not close. You are never sure. 


  • That friend that never has your back. They are not for anything that you do or succeed at. 


  • That Negative Nancy. They never have anything inspiring or encouraging to say about you or to you.


  • That friend that has more drama than Shonda Rhimes (and it is all about them). 



As difficult as #ADULTING may be, sorting out our friendships should be a priority in this next year.


 The problem with these Ambivalent Friendships is that simply put they are just so draining. You leave exhausted after an encounter with this friend. They also put such a strain on your mental wellbeing and require a lot of your energy to sustain. These are the friendships that keep you up at night second guessing where you stand, second guessing how close you are.

So why is it important for us to re-evaluate our friendships ? The reason is because you don’t want to waste your energy and resources. There is so much out there to experience and do and 2019 is not the year to be holding onto dead beat relationships & friendships. 


If a relationship has broken down instead due to misunderstandings and lack of communication then allow January to be a time for you to have healing conversations that restore that friendship. 


Allow January to be a time for you to reflect, reset and strategise for a successful 2019. May your friendships this year be joyful, full of love and bring out the best in you. Choose wisely this year. 

Let me know in the comments below about how you feel about your friendships in 2019. 

Much Love 




2 thoughts on “So Over Fake Friends in 2019 #Adulting”

  1. In 2018 I tired to remove all the toxic friendships I had in my life, in 2019 I’m conquering a new frontier, removing all the ambivilent friendships in my life!


    1. I love that Ayanda! That is how it should be. We can’t be held back by relationships that drain us of our energy & resources. It’s time for a change in 2019 !


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