I won’t lie, my most favourite part of having any conversations with people is when the conversation switches from surface level talk to real talk.

Our generation is SO OVER the fake, blah blah blah superficial, surface level talk.

Seriously how boring is that ? What our heart longs for is real connection and what real connection requires is transparency.

Transparency is the ability for one to be candid, real, open, honest and with a humanity so hungry for meaningful, deep connections what really holds us back from transparency? Is it:

  • The fear of rejection ?
  • Trust issues ?
  • The need for acceptance ?
  • Feeling unloved ?
  • Illusion of feeling safe/ protecting yourself ?
  • Not feeling as though as you are good enough?

For me, my fear was tearing down the perfect illusion I had built & portrayed about my life. You see like myself, many of us have learnt so well to edit ourselves so much in our conversations, daily meet ups as well as (dare I say) our social media.

But let’s be real, the perfect Instagram feed has literally become the most boring, non inspiring, energy draining thing in the world. Don’t believe the hype.

Most of humanity look at the perfect Instagram feed and think “yay great for you” (*cue in fake clap), but really think to themselves “how does this help me at all, how inspired am I really by your perfection ?”…. Erm NOT really.

But the real, transparent Instagram feed woah this feed:

  • inspires
  • encourages us
  • fills us with so much laughter
  • opens up so much discussion

Never underestimate your transparency on social media! Mamas show us your toddlers having those tantrums. Papas show us how family is done. Show us your mundane too. Show us YOU.

You see transparency is FRESH & LIGHT!

Rarely does anyone honestly talk about the heaviness & draining effect of living an edited life. It takes energy and a whole lot of it to be someone you are not and really do you want to be using all of your energy for that or something more productive ?

I believe now is the time for us to be tired of shallow connection, no real meaning relationships but instead pursue maximised relationships & maximised connection.

I also believe now is the time to say goodbye to those high pitched, superficial conversations. One of my great friends said to me, “Ronia the higher pitched your voice goes, the shallower that friendship is!”

So let’s move out of that! The world tells us to stay in our box with our mask on, living our perfectly edited life & failing to be transparent. I tell you now is the time to GET OUT! Move from Shallow to Deep. Meaningless to Meaningful. Edited to Unedited. Hidden to Transparent. Your transparency will:

  • Increase acceptance
  • Increase trust
  • Instill hope in others
  • Deepen relationships
  • Deepen friendships

I don’t know how connected to others you may feel today or how alone you may be feeeling right now but let me encourage you today to journey on this road of transparency.

I am so over perfect. Perfect is Boring. Raw & Real is refreshing.

I hope this post encourages you to build meaningful relationships with those you love and care about.

Much Love


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