3 Painful Lessons To Be Learnt From Catfish

I can’t even lie, CATFISH is fast becoming my favourite new TV show to watch! How have I seriously missed out on this show till season 6!

The depth of emotions felt & levels of deceit exposed makes this show absolutely addictive !!!

And let’s be honest our hearts absolutely go out to the hopefuls who are officially as Beyonce says DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE with their catfish!

So really what are the 3 painful lessons to be learnt from Catfish the TV Show:

1) Insecurities Can Cause People To Actually Use You To Make Themselves Feel Better


Geez!!! Honestly people on Catfish get played!! Insecure people formulate these fake profiles to gain love and attention to boost up their ego. NO SHAME AT ALL! The unfortunate bit is that the Catfish is at times so insecure they fail to portray their true selves but instead a fantasy of whom they would like to be. Their need for love, attention and affirmation blocks their ability to see how much they are actually hurting the individual they have catfished.

2) The Obvious Signs Are Right There But People Are Actually Blinded By Love!


No guys love can actually blind us all! I at times literally scream at the TV due to the obvious signs that someone is actually getting catfished!

  • No Shows on Dates
  • Refusing to FaceTime
  • Excuses when it comes to meeting up
  • Calling once in a blue moon
  • Sitting a dark room whilst FaceTiming

No love can be blinding and really that’s when we all need a good network of friends to show us the way! Most of those getting catfished know something is wrong but are desperate to believe in love! Remember True Love never hides or makes excuses!

3) Investing Time, Energy & Money  With Zero Return Hurts Like Mad!


In the name of love people have sent IPhones, money, cars, tuition fees, clothing etc to a catfish even without meeting them!

My favourite one is a guy who got an engagement ring made. Adding onto that the countless phone calls, text messages and intimate text messages! People have invested and invested and invested into these Catfish relationships (*some for up to 8 years) to find out down the line that it’s all a lie! And let me tell you something – THAT SUCKS!  But on a positive note at least the victim knows that this is the end of them investing anymore of themselves into this Catfish!


Though Catfish may be hard and brutal to watch, what I have loved most about catfish is that the truth always sets both parties free and allows for healing to take place. No matter how deep the lie has got, the truth allows for issues to be worked on! If you haven’t caught up with the show why don’t you catch up on MTV today!
And if you are ever in doubt of an online rendezvous just do like  Skepta and BLOCK THAT ACCOUNT!

Much Love



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