How To Deal With The Heartbreak Of Getting Unfollwed On Social Media ! 


Getting Unfollwed on social media SUCKS! Or does it really ?

I mean hey why does something like this affect some people really badly and on the other hand not affect other people at all? Recently I received this rather interesting text message below after unfollowing an individual :



I was absolutely dumbfounded at the text I was reading. WHAT!!!! REALLY!!!?? The message arrived within 5mins of the unfollow! My initial reaction was shock then anger, then after much deliberating a curiosity as to the thought process of this individual.

So let’s analyze this for a moment, for the above message to arrive within 5 mins the individual

  1. Knew exactly how many followers they had (and keept track)
  2. Noticed when they had lost just 1 follower
  3. Went on to a different app to tell them whom had unfollowed them
  4. Proceeded to find my number at 23:32 at night
  5. And found it justifiable to text me “What’s with the unfollow you weirdo”

And maybe felt 100 times better after this!



It got me asking myself if the right question was actually asked?  I get unfollowed too don’t get me wrong. It’s part of the social media life but I pray that I will never be the person who feels the need to ask “Why have you UNFOLLOWED me you WEIRDO?” 

I believe the better question/questions to ask are:

“Wow why did that person find it easy to unfollow me?”

“ACTUALLY honestly speaking when was the last time I actually invested any of my time towards that relationship?”

“When did I last call them, go see them, text them or even ask how their family is doing?”

“When was the last time I even interacted with them on social media?”

As we move further and further away from face to face towards online connections matters of the heart such as insecurity and rejection are being dealt with in different ways.

It’s tough living within a generation where the number of followers you have on Instagram or likes you get gives one validation and reassurance. Before our sense of security in relationships came from us hanging out with each other but now it is down to if one has liked your picture.


So what have I learnt from this incident: to never take for granted telling and showing my friends how much I actually care for them. AND to deal with an unfollow on social media by remembering to work hard and cultivate the relationships I have.

Instead of spending time having apps that alert you about your newest unfollow, invite someone round for dinner.

Lets be a generation that gets over our social media followers count & gets into real relationship building!

Much Love Always

Weirdo Ronia Xx

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