Breaking Up With Being Broke ! 

Being broke sucks people and millennials these days are unfortunately living in

Finances are rarely discussed amongst friends and they are usually a big SECRET amongst peers. It’s strange isn’t it? We discuss a lot of things freely but are very uncomfortable to discuss this very topic. I believe if we did we would most probably help each other reach our personal best in regards to our financial goals or aspirations.

This generation unfortunately has to deal with alarming student loan debts before they even embark on their adult life. The average student loan debt is around £35,000 and on top of that the cost of living has never been so expensive.



Millennials these days are in one of these 3 categories:

1) They are able to pay their bills on time with no problem.

2) They are struggling to pay their bills and have a few late payment charges here and there.

3) They are drowning, completely behind in their bills and reliant upon the bank of mom and dad to bail them out more than once a year.



It’s such a shame that as millennials we were never taught about finances in high school ! And really does it come as a surprise that so many people are drowning in this financial climate! NO! Especially if millennials  have never had a good family example of doing finances well. The cycle unfortunately repeats itself. We do what we observe.

The good news with finances is that every day is a new day and if you are in scenario 3 you can move to be in scenario 1.

You don’t have to be drowning or reliant upon mom and dad bailing you out. And then if you are in scenario 1 you can move into the BEST SCENARIO ever which is building your own investment portfolio be it property, shares, business etc.




A) You Have To Be Fed Up: 

Change only happens with intention. If you are comfortable being broke then you will always be broke. But if you have had enough you will work towards a more financially stable future!

B) Budget & Set Goals:

Understand how much money is coming into your bank account and aim to be more aware of your own cash flow.

C) Watch & Learn From Others Doing Better Than You :

Never be ashamed to ask for help. Seek out people who impress you or are where you want to be and be bold in asking them for their secrets.

D) Understand Your Own Journey : 

You can’t compare your financial journey to someone else’s. Let’s be honest you will have those family & friends blessed with multiple major inheritances or whose parents happily pay their rent for them. Their journey is theirs and yours is yours. Understand yours & work towards bettering yourself!



As I close, this post was inspired by a good friend of mine who said to me “Ronia it’s time we start thinking about the future and investments, what are we going to leave behind ?” 

What am I going to leave behind?

How can I have financial freedom in the future?
Don’t for once think my finances are perfect. I just try my very best just like you. As I work towards my goals of investments, I hope to inspire you all to continue working hard on your financial goals! All we have is toady and TODAY MATTERS!

Here is to working hard, changing your life & finally deciding to break up with being broke !!

Hope this has helped someone today X

Much Love,


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