ZERO “What Ifs” 

What Ifs suck people!!! Like majorly suck !

  • What If I had taken that chance ?
  • What If I had applied for that job ?
  • What If I had written that book ?
  • What If I had said yes ?
  • What If I had joined the gym ?
  • What If I had stepped out ?
  • What IF…….

Oh my word don’t they just suck? I just couldn’t imagine living a life with so many What Ifs rolling around in my head! Don’t get me wrong I have had my fair share of dumb decisions but at least I have made a decision. I feel at times that fear & comfort have imprisoned today’s society to never take any risks. We are all too afraid of “failing!” But success only comes by us trying!

Recently I have been blown away by so many of my friends who are living life with ZERO WHAT IFs ! To be quite honest with you I am basically surrounded by them! These friends are stepping OUT:

  • Doing mission work all over Asia for a year
  • Relocating a family
  • Adopting
  • Releasing albums
  • Starting YouTube Channels
  • Starting movements
  • Midwife friend chasing her dream of moving to Australia
  • Starting businesses

Just generally stepping OUT!  Fear is generally our number one reason for never stepping out, followed closely by comfort, but someone I know once said,

“The Pain of Falling Short is nothing compared to the shame of Stopping Short”

Let us not STOP SHORT IN 2017! Press on with that dream/goal on your heart. Take that risk and step out. As 2017 continues to roll out, step out. Let’s not look back at the end of the year and think What If?

Instead look back and think I stepped out!


To the year of ADVENTURE 🎉

MUCH love


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