10 Unbelievable Pictures That Capture Why I Adore Being A Midwife! 

Well HELLO x

As I close off 2016 a lot has happened in my world as a midwife! From unforgettable homebirths, ambulance transfers into hospital to seeing some of my previous babies as toddlers. Midwifery, though a demanding & challenging job in the UK is still one of the most rewarding jobs out there!

I love the First Hello Project ! Let me introduce you to them!

The First Hello Project is a collaborative project based in Sydney, Australia

Started by River Bennett and Bel Pangburn, these two photographers have been able to capture some of the most spectacular birth moments I have ever seen in birth photography! I am an avid follower of them on Instagram and a massive fan!

Here are my top 10 pictures from the duo that have truly captured why I adore being a midwife :


1) The “I am comfortable here” photo

As a midwife we understand the difficulty that women face in getting comfortable. It never ceases to amaze me the positions that women at times get into and at many times refuse to move from! Especially at homebirths.



2) The “Daddy Skin To Skin” Photo

Skin To Skin is one of the most precious things any parent can do with their newborn. At times mommy may be too unwell or tired to enjoy skin to skin in which case the fathers enjoy this precious moment of bonding with their babies!



3) The “I Did It” Photo

This moment right here is one moment that fills us midwives with joy! Seeing the delight and joy on a woman’s face as she has just birthed her baby is one of the most unforgettable moments ever!



4) The “Cut The Cord” Photo

Believe it or not but many men are terrified of cutting their babies cord. Men don’t know if they will either be passed out on the floor or still standing! As midwives we never know what the state of the dad will be at this moment! *Most however are able to remain standing!



5) The “Waiting & I Feel Helpless” Photo

Birth Partners play such a significant role and though most men may feel like they are “helpless” as they sit there, as a midwife all I can say is that being there for the woman means the world. Though you may feel helpless, the truth of the matter is that she couldn’t do it without you!



6) The “Vulnerable” Photo

What happens in a birthing room stays in a birthing room. This is our normal view as a midwife. Women completely vulnerable and exposed and yet completely trusting of us and our expertise!



7) The “Lets Find Baby’s Heartbeat” Photo

There is not one midwife in the world who has not done this ever! Supporting her lady whilst monitoring the baby’s heartbeat! Some positions that women get into do make it a little difficult for us to monitor a baby but regardless of this we are always there to ensure that she remains comfortable and that baby remains happy.



8) The “We Are A Family” Photo

Mom is tired, baby needs to feed, dad holds baby for mom whilst kissing her forehead! This is the ultimate “we have done this babe” photo!



9) The “Baby Weigh” Photo

Pretty much one of the most important pictures! No explanation needed !



10) The “We Are A Team” Photo

As midwives we work so closely with partners in regards to supporting women ! We understand the value of the partner within the birth room! No other picture captures that union best but this one! Midwife on one side, dad on the other !




Be sure to give The First Hello a follow on Instagram! You will not be disappointed but instead inspired and blown away by their beautiful captures of the labour room !

We have a secret in our culture! It’s not that birth is painful, it’s that women are strong – Laura Stavoe

Much Love

Midwife Ronia

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