10 Ways To Tell You Are A Selfie Addict ! 



Selfie = a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone and shared via social media (Oxford Dictionary)

Addict = An enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity (Oxford Dictionary)

Selfie addiction is a new phenomenon that is unfortunately affecting this current generation like no other. Gone are my days of :

  • Asking a complete stranger on holiday to take a picture of you on your “non digital” camera. 
  • Keeping count of how many pictures you had taken because you were terrified of running out of camera roll.
  • Saving that camera roll for the really special pictures that meant the most to you. 
  • Taking your film roll in to a shop to be developed and waiting up to 7 days to see the result of your photography. 




Now in this generation pictures can be snapped, reviewed, edited and up on social media within minutes.

Instead of sitting round with friends and talking proudly through our developed photos we have reduced our value of photos to likes on social media and instead of only capturing the world around us we have now now introduced the concept of capturing ourselves. Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with capturing images of yourself the problem only arises when this starts developing into an addiction.

Selfie addiction is an actual real problem affecting this generation ! It affects women more than it affects men. Women with low self esteem are more likely to post more selfies whereas men with higher egos are most likely to post more selfies. So how really can one tell that they are a selfie addict ?


  1. You post more than 4 images of yourself per day (and have no problem doing so) 

  2. You photoshop ALL your photos (including Facetune)

  3. You plan where and when to take the perfect selfie (and plan your outfit accordingly)

  4. You search for the light ( Kim Kardashian style)  image

  5. You rehearse and perfect your selfie pose in private (and modify it depending on your hairstyle) 

  6. Your phone gallery is mostly erm….. YOU (even though your are in a relationship and have kids)

  7. You check to see how many likes you have on your selfie ( within 5seconds of posting your selfie up)

  8. You own more than one selfie stick (in case one breaks)

  9. You get self esteem from your selfie (and feel down if less than 300 people like it)

  10. You are more interested in your smartphone (than the company you are with at the time)


So why am I writing about this ? It’s because personally I have had my own personal battles with selfie addiction and have felt myself at times doing at least 3 of the above. Yes even I have rehearsed my perfect selfie pose and have got self esteem from my own selfie likes. The way I have broken through this is having that realisation that this behaviour is not healthy.

If you have a friend that you think suffers from selfie addiction please confront them about it. At times as humans we can be blinded to our own flaws and in most instances there is always a root cause to the addiction that needs to be dealt with instead. As I said before there is nothing wrong with the occasional selfie but let’s always aim to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle X

Much Love



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