How To Turn A Guy Down Like A Lady

You see girl you are honey & I am like a bee that couldn’t resist coming over and talking to you

You have got to love pick up lines hey! This was one I had to personally navigate through a couple of weeks ago after a guy literally chased my car down. But what do we do when we just know that this particular bee does not match our honey. How do we turn a guy down like a lady with integrity?

1) Say Thank You & Then Just Say No!

Not all guys have the guts to actually approach you so if one does so show him some appreciation. Don’t act stuck up. Just say thank you, I really am flattered but I am so sorry you are not my type.

Don’t use the “I have a boyfriend” lie when you are clearly super single with no ring on your finger. Just be true to you and say no gently with kindness! A proper gentleman will respect your answer and leave you alone.

2) Dont Give Out FAKE Anythings !

Don’t be the one that gives a guy fake numbers / names / snapchats etc.  Poor guy is going to go home and excitedly call you to just get a dead tone. Or worse off he may call you there and then and you will die of embarrassment!

Just be clear from the start. If you don’t want to give anything out then don’t. Just simply don’t. 



3) Don’t Give Out REAL Anythings If You Have No Intention To Communicate.

Giving a guy your number and then never answering his calls is a bit ouch. If he gets your number guess what… He is going to call you & text you & call again & text again & again. I know some of my girlfriends who have had 10 missed calls, 20 texts and maybe 3 voicemails. You get what I am saying don’t you!?

So if you are really not feeling this guy just don’t. You will get annoyed by his calling and he will suddenly have to deal with your rejection.

I personally think social media is safer ground for those maybes. I don’t mind linking with someone via social media as there is no pressure to respond immediately. But ladies if you are not keen keep your number to yourself.

4) Don’t Insult Him

Now I know when your weave is on point, your eyebrows are on FLEEK and your swag is banging you may feel that you can talk down to a guy and insult him but ladies don’t do this at all!

You maybe looking hotter than Adriana Lima today but that does not give you permission to treat anyone without respect. Be respectful always.


So I guess finally all I am saying is to turn a guy down like a lady, be kind, honest and respectful. Treat someone how you would like to be treated !

Happy Dating
Ronia X

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