Are One Of These Things Derailing Your Fitness Goals ? 


Fitness GOALS! We all set those don’t we?

“I want to lose 5kg by Christmas”

“I want to look like Captain America”

“I want a booty like JLo”

Whatever they are, we all set them. So why is it some people can achieve their fitness goals whilst others are left scrambling behind? What really are the 5 most common things that could be causing you to derail from your fitness goals :



1. Diet

Diet is the number 1 thing that derails MANY of us from our fitness goals, myself included. You may workout in the gym 5 times a week but if your diet is not on point the fruit of your labour will unfortunately not show. Always aim to be consistent with a healthy diet (including how much alcohol you drink) and don’t forget to plan in those glorious cheat days.


2. Emotional Stress

Wow… after an emotional roller coaster of a summer I have had, I know personally that this can derail a lot of people. Life happens and at times this may cause you to not want to go to the gym.

What I have learnt however is how exercise is vital in emotional wellbeing.

So if emotional stress is affecting you right now I strongly encourage you to get back out there and fight! Exercise is one of the greatest combats to low mood as discussed on my post “How Exercise Helped Me Beat Depression!” 


3. Non-Tailored Easy Workouts

Not having a workout tailored to your goals will automatically derail your fitness goals. I am a big advocate of working with a personal trainer or at least a friend who knows what they are doing in the gym. Never workout blind. Always ask someone who knows a little bit more than you how to best achieve results!



4. Isolation

One of the best things about being in a community is that someone looks out for you. If I ever miss a couple of days in the gym I am always guaranteed that one of the instructors will say to me “Ronia where have you been?” Always aim to be in some form of community be it gym, running club, spin class etc. Just be part of something that when you are not there you will be missed. Who said isolation was fun anyway?



5. Excuses

We all honestly have them. Myself included! My personal top 3 are:

“I am too tired”

“I am soooo busy”

“I will go tomorrow”

No one is exempt from the world of excuses but let us put all our effort to push excuses to the side!

Ok so how does one actually then overcome derailment of fitness goals ?

Be Honest With Yourself

If any one of the things mentioned above are a barrier to your fitness goals then be honest about it.

“Your honesty will only lead you to take ownership of yourself and change!”

Be Accountable

I spoke to my personal trainer about my rocky summer and he listened, understood and was non judgemental! Accountability is the key! Be accountable so you can achieve your goals.

Set New Goals

Draw a line in the sand and set new goals! I am ecstatic about my next phase of fitness goals! Set goals that fill you up with a new drive and eagerness!


Fitness and health will always be worth fighting for! Never ever give up on your goals that you have set out. If you have derailed ever so slightly or majorly just START AGAIN! Every day is a new day and a new opportunity!

Much Love






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