5 Excuses Everyone Has To NOT Go To The Gym! 

Going to the gym can be an absolute struggle with a capitals S! Trust me I know! Unfortunately fitness goals are not achieved in front of the telly or out shopping but instead by continually showing up week in and week out at your local gym/ workout spots. So what are the Top 5 excuses we all use to avoid working out? 

1) I Don’t Have Time!

Time is like money, how you invest it depends on what you get out of it! I have noticed that if I just wait until I think I have time to go to the gym, I actually rarely ever make it to the gym. However if I schedule in or plan to go to the gym I definitely make it to the gym. Be realistic with what you can do and schedule in those workouts in your diary.

2) I Am Too Tired!

Do you know what? The truth is you may actually feel tired however the funny thing is that working out actually energises an individual! I have lost count of the number of times I have walked into the gym tired from a days work to only find myself walking out filled with energy. Push through that tiredness feeling!

3) I Can’t Afford It!

Gone are the days of gym membership costing an arm and a leg. Always look for deals when it comes to the gym. Regardless of this a lot of exercise can be done outdoors ie) cycling and running! Make the most of your environment ! Look up and see what is around you!

4) I Will Wait For The Start Of The Week, Month, Year …. Decade!

Tomorrow never comes! Never wait for tomorrow! You will be waiting forever! Go today! There is no perfect start date that needs to align with the stars!

5) I Have Worked Out Already!

Yes you may have gone to the gym this week but that is no excuse to not go over the next 2 weeks! Consistency is key to seeing results. So go again! Once you have momentum try your very best to not break it but instead continue to build on it.

Excuses hold us back from achieving all that we can! This week write down all the excuses you use to not go the gym and make a commitment to not use them again over the next month and begin to see all that you can really achieve if you just threw all your excuses away!

Much Love & Stay Healthy



3 thoughts on “5 Excuses Everyone Has To NOT Go To The Gym! ”

  1. I have made the above excuses (each)atleast twice in the last few weeks. I just feel so demotivated because of the indecisive weather. I usually jog to the gym and it just hasn’t been happening.
    You are right one has to get up of the sofa to get that dream body.


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