My Justin Bieber Concert Review ! 


YES YES YES!!! 2 Weeks ago I got to see one of the world’s BIGGEST SUPERSTARS!

To say I was excited is an understatement, I was beyond myself! I was seeing Justin Bieber! THE JUSTIN BIEBER!

As a massive fan of his music and of course his album “Purpose” I could not wait to sing along with Biebs and boy did he not disappoint at all! He was electric! Though he had walked out at previous concerts, Justin was committed to us in Sheffield! He gave us his all and put on an epic show! I am still buzzing from the flashbacks I have of that night!

One of my most favourite things about the whole show was the dancers! The army of dancers that Justin had were simply amazing! It’s funny how these were a group of people that I had watched time and time again on TV and they were right in front of me! The dancers were incredible, they executed every move and brought such life to all of the songs!



Justin seemed so happy on stage doing what he loves! My favourite songs of the night were Boyfriend, Children & Let Me Love You! I almost passed out when the beat for Boyfriend dropped and hearing the crowd sing “If I Was Your Boyfriend” is something I will never ever forget! One thing that really stands out for me personally about this concert is how happy I was after the whole show! I was so happy and full of JOY! I was impacted so much by everything !

“Justin’s main message throughout this tour was to remind us all that in life we all have a PURPOSE!”

I know at times we may forget that but don’t let life bring you down! Remember always that you have been created for a PURPOSE! There is a reason you are on this planet today!  He ended the show by saying “My name is Justin Bieber but remember that I am just a VESSEL.” Justin Bieber’s PURPOSE TOUR for me personally is a 10/10 ! For those still to go my number one tip is be prepared for a great concert and show!

Much Love, Your No1 Belieber

Ronia X

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