10 Remarkable Qualities Confident People Have !

Confidence : The QUALITY of being certain of your own abilities !

One of the best moments for me whilst watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony was seeing one of the worlds most beautiful models Gisele Bündchen owning that walk at the Maracana Stadium! This was her moment and she was so unapologetic about it! She captivated us with her utter confidence! It got me thinking about confidence and what really makes someone confident? After much observation and deliberation here are my top 10 remarkable qualities confident people in my life exude :


1) Confident People Say What They Think

One of my best friends in the world is so unapologetic about what he thinks and it is without a doubt one of the things I love most about him! Confident people have an opinion and they are not afraid to to express their thoughts even if you disagree.


2) Confident People Don’t Care What Others Think About Them

Living for people’s approval is a sure way to live an unhappy life. Trust me I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt and DVD! Truly confident people have a strong sense of identity and are so PROUD of who they are!


3) Confident People Make Decisions

It’s funny how our fear of failure literally stops us from making decisions. We just never decide. Confident people decide and if we make wrong ones we then chose to learn from them instead of living in regret.


4) Confident People Cheer Others On

There is nothing worse in life than being around that one insecure person who struggles to celebrate you!

A confident person will rarely put someone else down!

They are normally the first to cheer someone else on because they are so not threatened by your awesome achievements.



5) Confident People Don’t Compare Themselves

I love my go getter confident no nonsense girlfriends! They are just out there killing it in ministry, law school, marriage, motherhood, music and life in general. And everytime I catch up with them I am just so inspired and encouraged by them! You see confident people know they are unique and just simply run confidently in their lane set out for them X


6) Confident People Can Say No & Yes

I think this is the lesson that I learnt the very HARD way in life! It’s amazing but a great portion of the human population truly struggle with saying NO or even YES! Confident people unashamedly make themselves a priority allowing themselves to live a balanced, wholesome life.


7) Confident People Understand The Power Of Eye Contact

Many times as a midwife I have to remind myself to put that pen down and look at my clients in the eyes. Confident people don’t shy away from eye contact. They instead adopt an open communication posture and invite people to open up to them.


8) Confident People Have Passions And Are Unapologetic For Them

Yes so I do like birdwatching….. who cares!? Confident people talk openly and confidently about their passions no matter how strange they are and are unapologetic about them. Even I have the strangest of passions that my friends tease me about but hey guys if I love “Home & Away” & “Windmills” then there you go! That’s me X

If you don’t like my sound, you can turn it down…. NOT ME


 Photo: Patrick Wymore/The CW ©2012 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Patrick Wymore

9) Confident People Have Self Respect For Themselves

I have so many role models for this point. Confident people never sacrifice their self worth or dignity. They are so capable of saying what they think and standing up for themselves! Shout out to my girl Adeola! This one is so you beautiful X


10) Confident People Ask For Help

Many people think asking for help is a sign of weakness but it actually is a sign of confidence. I have no problem admitting that I don’t know something. Asking for help from people is a great opportunity for me to observe, learn and grow. A know it all is surely no fun person to be around!


Final Thought

Confidence is a journey! As Jessie J says in the song below ” You Haven’t Seen The Best Of Me, Keep Working On Your Masterpiece”


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