8 Life Lessons I Have Learnt From Being A Midwife 



This year marks 10 years of midwifery for me! I still can’t believe it! Honestly how does time fly by so quickly! It was at the tender age of 16 that I knew that midwifery was the dream job for me and I am so happy to say that I have never regretted my decision to start my training in 2006. Along the way however I have learnt significant life lessons that will stick with me forever! Through, laughter, tears and multiple emotions along the journey, here are the top 8 Life Lessons midwifery has taught me :



1. You Can’t Help Who You Fall In Love With.

The best part of my job I have to say is the people! I love people and the couples & extended family I get to meet on a daily basis! One of my highlights is always hearing how couples have ended up together! Two people that no one would have thought would be together are the ones I see together. I love that couples come in different shapes, sizes, cultures and much more. Though on paper they may not seem as though they may work these couples love each other unconditionally which has taught me the valuable life lesson that love is love period. You either do or you don’t.


2. Love Someone Who Loves You With No Makeup On.

The man who can kiss you and tell you that you are beautiful in the throes of labour is the man for you. It is such a beautiful thing to see love and respect in its vulnerable and raw state! Though we may dream as women to look fabulous with our faces contoured and highlighted with a touch of lip gloss on, the reality is very much not like this! When our feet, face and hands swell up and we need help getting out of the bath, we hope he remembers it’s his child we are carrying and this is just a season.


3. Men Are Emotional Too.

Nothing makes me tear up more than a dad who tears up. Seeing a man transition into fatherhood and helping them through that is an absolute privilege for any midwife. Men stay strong for their families, they provide and protect and this comes out immensely when the challenge of fatherhood comes along. Though they may have their anxieties and concerns most rise up mightly to the challenge and do extremely well.



4. Women Are Superheroes! 

A valuable life lesson I have learnt through midwifery is that WOMEN ARE STRONG! The beauty of womanhood & the strength of femininity should never be overlooked! When I see what a mother goes through to birth her child, the overwhelming love she gives to her child and partner and the homemaker within her, I am truly blown away! Year after year after year I am surrounded by role models and reminders that no matter what life throws at you, you are a strong woman too !


5. You Will Never Be Ready For A Baby.

Even the most prepared parents will always feel not so ready for a baby. I don’t think I have met one couple ever that has been so confident about welcoming in their baby. Most couples are anxious, wishing they had more time and still reading up on how to be the best parent. What makes parenthood worthwhile is who you get to do that journey with. As long as you have fun & laugh & don’t take yourself too seriously then you will enjoy the journey of parenthood.


6. Family Is Important.

I am fully aware that whenever I transition into motherhood that I will be so relient upon my family and close friends. Those first few weeks when meals are cooked for you, people drive you around, people babysit for you whilst you sleep are crucial.  Having a good support network in life is a tremendous gift. Family is important. No man is created to be alone.


7. A Baby Is Truly A Miracle.

I know we all know this but it is worth saying. From watching women struggle to conceive, to crying with a woman due to her sudden loss of a baby, as a midwife I have learnt that a baby is a miracle and a gift. They really are a blessing to our lives, our bundle of joy and our hearts! I will never take for granted the precious life a healthy baby is and will be grateful for every healthy baby I ever have.



8. We Are All HUMAN!

This I must say is the most valuable lesson I have learnt! As a midwife I so get to meet lots of different families from different cultures and the conclusion I have come to is that we are all human. So in that case I just need to speak human! My main motto is treat others how you would like to be treated. Midwifery has allowed me to express compassion & kindness aka human language. We are all the same, we all want the same thing and we all love the same way. We are all human.


Love Ronia


*BirthPhotos by TheFirstHello

2 thoughts on “8 Life Lessons I Have Learnt From Being A Midwife ”

  1. Loved this one so true, I get a great buzz out of being involved in that relationship for a day .
    Privileged experience knowing I can and do make a difference.x


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