My Summer Concert Reviews : Beyoncé vs Coldplay

This summer I got to go and see two of my most favourite artists in the world… Yoncé & Coldplay! I saw them both in the same month which was slightly overwhelming but regardless of that I loved every moment of both of these concerts and here is my review on them!




Coldplay!!!!! My heart could have literally burst when I was in Manchester in June! I have loved Colplay since 2002 and I knew this was the last time I would get to see them! This concert was MAGICAL! What I love about Coldplay is that we are part of their concert! They gave us all wristbands that glow in the dark and come on when the band need them! So for Yellow all our wristbands went yellow and of course the whole stadium erupted with such joy and excitement!

I of course knew ALL THE WORDS, sang my little heart out and danced the night away! Coldplay make me so happy and I will never forget seeing what I definitely consider “The Worlds Best Band!” 

My only regret is I missed the encore! I didn’t know Coldplay were doing a 15 min encore after every concert! I almost cried when I found out but hey I got to be part of history! Manchester gig was electric ! Coldplay you will forever have my heart!



To say I knew all the dance moves was an understatement! I honestly could have been one of the backing dancers! Will be waiting for my call the next time she is around! The thing about Beyoncé is that she is such a hard worker. I saw her in Newcastle, it had been raining, the stage was wet but regardless of this she still executed every dance move with the utmost passion!

Her voice was exquisite & her swag….can anyone say Balmain,Gucci, VERSACE! If you have been following the queen on social media you can see that her hairstylist Neal Farinah has been executing the best braids I have seen on anyone!

The one thing I really looked forward to seeing was her CUBE *see above! This cube was immense and the media played on it was breathtaking! She didn’t fail to encourage women to be strong and believe in themselves! This concert came at one of the most difficult times in my life but filled me with such joy, power & strength! Thank you Beyoncé … when life gives you lemons make that LEMONADE ✌🏾️!



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