A Letter To My Younger Self ! 

Dear Ronia, 

I am writing this letter as you embark on your fitness journey. I can see the tears in your eyes and hear the doubt in your voice as you begin this fight to tackle obesity. I just want to say to you that anything you set your mind to, you can do! You are an achiever! You can and you will.

Ronia take it a day at a time. The change may be slow but the change will be evident. Don’t get discouraged by tough times when you feel like giving up. You will feel like giving up but hold on and stay strong. 

Some days you will want to cry because it’s hard but though working hard is hard, the results will always be good. Enjoy making yourself a priority! Enjoy watching yourself transform. Enjoy the new burst of confidence that will soon come as you endure, cry, fight and succeed. 

There will come a time I promise when all of this will actually become absolute fun to you. The world of fitness and health will become part of who you are. You will be unable to shake it off! You will actually look forward to running, swimming, cycling & lifting weights! I know you dont believe me now but I am telling you the truth. Just hold on. 

People will come and ask for your advice in regards to what to eat, what to do in the The gym and even what to listen to whilst working out. You will encourage your pregnant women to love themselves whilst gaining the pregnancy weight and how they will overcome it! You will dream of training others to restore confidence in them. 

Hold on to this journey Ronia. I know it’s hard. You have 4stone to lose but you will do it! You will never use food as an emotional crutch again. You will regain your sleep again and you will fall dangerously in love with fashion again! Your own style will emerge as you embrace your new you! Most importantly you will LOVE YOURSELF again.

So Ronia as you start this journey, work hard, embrace change and enjoy the results. You can and you will do it! 



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