The Top 5 Moves That Helped Me Get My Figure Back!

I absolutely love love love my fitness journey! I smile when I think back to the days when I was new to the beautiful, crazy & exciting world of fitness! Fast forward a few years later and I am totally engrossed in all that this lifestyle has to offer. The joys, the ups & downs, the laughter and of course the moves! So what really are my top 5 gym moves? Here they are : 

1) Deadlift

I remember Chris introducing me to this move! Trust me I was so embarrassed to even try it out but now this has become a staple in my exercise regime! The deadlift is the kicka** manoeuvre in the gym! It is the move that impacts the whole entire body & you look like a boss! I absolutely love it. At the moment I am able to deadlift 70kg! How did that happen? I don’t know! But that is way more than my current body weight which means I can lift me off the floor!!! #GirlsThatLift !

2) Squat

On my very first programme I had to squat 8 times for 3 sets with no weight! If I say to you I almost died just believe me as I honestly almost passed out! Now I LOVE the squat! For those of you aspiring for a bum that resembles a pancake then stay away from this move! However if you are me and wouldn’t mind a booty like JLo then get cracking on those reps & sets! I love the squat rack, I love the squat & I love the results!

3) Lunge

Now the lunge is my most hated move! Even to this day I absolutely detest this manoeuvre! The problem is that it is one of the best moves for your quads, hamstrings & glutes! Chris till this day enjoys throwing them in just because I hate them so much! All I can ever hear him scream out is, “Get that knee lower Ronia, Get that knee lower!” Oh the joys of the lunge!

4) Shoulder Press

Thank you shoulder press for sculpting my upper body to the point that I LOVE wearing beautiful shoulder revealing tops! A lot of people overlook the shoulders and bypass them but shoulders need to be respected! I won’t lie this exercise kills but the benefits are so worth it !

5) Lat Pull Down

The back is on of the most underestimated muscle in regards to training however the back is key in ensuring we develop core stability. I will never forget that moment I looked at my back and realised how much it had transformed.

The beautiful thing about the world of fitness is that there is always more! What is your fitness move that you love? Let me know ! Don’t forget with anything fitness to always ensure that you have been shown the correct technique to ensure you don’t injure yourself. Never ever worry about what weight you start on, as you get fitter & healthier your weight and stamina will increase!

Have an awesome week!

Much love & Stay Healthy


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