Where Is Your Park ? 


“Where is your park?”

The park is that part in your mind where you can say to yourself I CAN! I am in love with this Ivy Park advert because the mind is truly our MOST POWERFUL WEAPON! In life if you tell yourself that you can’t achieve something the reality is that you most probably won’t achieve that thing even if you are more than capable to! The beautiful thing however is that you can easily achieve something that you set your mind to achieve! Your mind is your strength! 

Ask yourself today what do you allow yourself to think? What do you tell yourself! Do you think you are a loser or are you a winner…. because a winner will never quit on themselves! Never quit on yourself! What is it that you have set to achieve? What are your goals…. whatever it is tell your mind YOU CAN!!


During my own personal training sessions I have been known to “zone out” as Chris likes to call it! He can physically see the absolute switch in my mindset from the I CAN’T mentality to the I CAN mentality! I completely shut everything out (esp negative voices in my head) and FOCUS on completing the session!

“Your mind will always give up on you way before your body has given up!”

Your body can achieve way more than you think! In life YOU can achieve way more than you think! Find your park (your inner strength) today and set out to achieve more! Once you have found it, stay in #YourPark by:


  • From yourself and others! Just shut it down!
  • Mine is “Working Hard is Hard but the results are always good”
  • Your vision will keep you focused! Dream big and look ahead! 
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously! Have fun as you head towards achieving your goals!

As I conclude with the powerful video below! Once again I ask you :

“Where Is Your Park?”

Much Love & Stay Healthy



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