Why I Stopped Taking Diet Pills And Started Being Honest With Myself ! 

“Lose Weight and Increase Energy”

“Drop 30 Pounds Fast”

Diet Pills were once my friend 3 years ago! During a time in my life when I was so desperate to lose weight, feel amazing and increase in confidence, I turned to diet pills! I can remember thinking that this one pill would literally change my life! I had completely bought into the great results/ minimal effort lifestyle. Diet Pills sell us a false dream and hope that everything will be ok if you just take this pill!

Personally I bought into this dream and took diet pills because :

  • It was a quick fix !
  • It was easy !
  • It was minimal effort !

I wanted to lose weight and I wanted it NOW! In life however things that come so easily don’t generally tend to last for long!  As my mama taught me, “working hard is hard but the results are always good!” I had to be honest with myself! I was the reason I was not losing any weight at all!

My genuine laziness and multiple excuses of not exercising or eating well were keeping me contained in a weak body!

It was until I was honest with myself that I then started to put things in place to allow me to change! The formula for weight loss has never changed and it will never ever change! Good diet and exercise is all we need! The diet pills if I am honest with you never changed my life! I did lose weight but I put it all back on again! My challenge to anyone taking diet pills today is are you learning discipline? Are you really creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself? Discipline changes everything! Don’t aim for quick fixes, aim instead to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle !

Much love and stay healthy


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