Why Are You Still Single ? 

” Ronia you look amazing !!! Why are you still single!!?”

Oh how I wish I knew the answer to that! My fitness journey has been filled with lots of interesting twists and turns and my love life has become a talking point amongst a lot of people. I am asked numerous times why a #fitspo #girlwholifts like me is still without a #guywholifts ! It really made me reflect and think on how at times we automatically think that just because we look good or #haveahotbody we can automatically bag ourselves a girl/guy when really there is more to that in a relationship!

A mindset of trying to look great for love is such a dangerous mindset for one to have! However we live in the generation where we feel that if we have pecs like Thor or that booty like JLo then true love will come rushing in!



“I am aware that we need to be that generation that doesn’t go and workout to obtain someone else’s love but a generation that works out because they love themselves!”

There is way more to a person than their body. Maybe one of the reasons I am single is because I actually just don’t want to be with someone who just wants to be with me due to my curves & quite frankly I wouldn’t want to be with someone just for their physique. Let’s look deeper than the exterior!

Not too long ago a guy (who wasn’t into fitness) actually thought that the only way to win and impress me would be by him talking about how far he had run that week, how many deadlifts he had done or how heavy he had squatted! I was literally gobsmacked! Could he not see that there was more to me than that ? I was desperately hoping he could see beyond that and maybe just ask me how I was instead of joining a gym to win my heart.

Even as #fitspos we wouldn’t do that to each other. If I was hitting on a guy at the gym trust me the last thing I would use would be my Personal Best STATS. No I would just say hi, ask him some questions and try figure out what makes him unique! If only that guy had known that it’s actually one’s individual passions, quirkinesses and charisma that attracts a girl like me, he may have had a different outcome!

So to all who have asked me why I am still single (post transformation), thank you…. I receive the compliment (but maybe just ask me that once a year)! Once I meet a guy who genuinely is interested in me and cares, you will bet he first to know! And to anyone who may have an undying crush on any #fitspos just be you! Please don’t pretend to love fitness! We do it for us so don’t stress! Appreciate our fight for discipline and good health but please let us know what else you love about us besides our pecs/curves!

Hope this speaks to someone today Xx

Much Love & Stay Healthy




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