How Do I REALLY Stick To My Diet ? 

As I write this post today I have a big smile on my face as I think of my friend who has been posting the most hilarious memes on Facebook on how she is trying to succeed with her diet! This post is for you my friend!

I know I have written a few posts about diet but I realise that I have never actually addressed how I personally stick to my diet. Diet is a struggle for us all. Don’t let anyone lie to you and say that it’s not a struggle.

The beautiful thing is that it transitions from being a struggle to then being a new habit/ lifestyle.

But even my #gymsquad whom I lift weights with talk about their love for kebabs, pizza, chocolate and all sorts! My personal nemesis is ANYTHING SWEET and that has the most calories condensed in the smallest package! So how do I personally stick to my diet? Here are my secrets:


1) I have NO junk food at home AT ALL!



I just can’t risk it! If I bought a big packet of crisps they will honestly be demolished! I only have healthy options at home which pretty much sucks for all my visitors, SORRY ! Having junk food at home is just a simple invitation to you snacking on it.


2) I replace junk food with sweet fruits.


For me I like anything sweet so I purposefully have things such as grapes or Greek yoghurt and honey available for that sweet fix. Think about what you can have stocked up as your healthy alternative to manage your cravings.


3) I remember my regular weight and measurement check ups with my PT.


Yes my PT will come out of the blue and produce that dreaded tape measure that makes me want to sink in to the ground! But regardless of that, the thought of reviews keeps me strictly on track! Maybe try and be accountable to someone?


4) I only buy what I am going to eat and nothing extra.

Ok …. so I live by myself and for myself if I want cheesecake I will not buy a family size cheesecake portion. I always just buy what is enough for that meal. Same with wine, I will buy a small bottle. If it’s popcorn I will buy a small packet. The bottom line is that if it is there you will eat it! TRUST ME! Just buy what you need!


5) I do treat myself.

Look forward to that cheat day! Don’t deprive yourself. You will be pretty miserable if you do and more likely to go on a massive binge if you do! Schedule in your cheat days and eat to your hearts content.

To my gorgeous friend, I hope this encourages you! This post is dedicated to you! The #struggleboat called DIET! We are all on it. Be encouraged and continue to push forward!

Much Love & Stay Healthy 



5 thoughts on “How Do I REALLY Stick To My Diet ? ”

  1. Extremely helpful. It’s really hard though when you live with your family who are always buying junk food and it’s always on display but yh I try hard to run away. Any tips?


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