In Pursuit Of The Perfect Body Shape : The UGLY Side Of Social Media ! 

A few months I watched an extremely touching documentary by Reggie Yates called “Dying For A Six Pack” on BBC 3 (*clip above). This documentary touched me so much as it addressed the struggle that most people these days have in regards to social media. Men in this documentary with the most perfect physique felt inadequate and dissatisfied due to images they were seeing on Instagram or Facebook. So inadequate that they were going to the extreme of illegal steroids, surgery or working out 7 days a week to measure up!


Social Media has its ugly side and I know many of you like me have at some point in your life been affected by this issue.

Social media can cause you to:

  • Compare
  • Feel inadequate
  • Be jealous
  • Not be grateful for what you have


Out of all the generations ever, this is truly the most dissatisfied generation due to how easily we compare each other’s lives. With the constant stream of perfect abs, arm, legs, bodies and all its not hard to see why one would struggle with this.

“Comparison is a killer and a joy stealer”

It causes one to live a small life instead of loving and appreciating the life one has got.

To overcome the negative side of social media we need to learn to:

  • Do YOU
  • Aim for the best YOU
  • Be thankful

I am a strong believer that once you are secure in who you are and that once you learn to love who you are that comparison will not have a strong grip on you. Learning to celebrate and being thankful for what you have achieved will allow you to see all the things you have achieved.


Now before you think that I am not a fan of social media let me just confess that I actually am. I am just wise in regards to whom I follow. I follow people who inspire me such as Nicole Mejia, Anne Smiles, Carly Rowena (*pictured above) and Zanna Van Dijk to name a few. These women inspire me to be the best me that I can be. They fuel my passion for fitness and health in a positive and healthy way. So because of that I am highly aware of how I need to ensure that my personal blog or social media inspire others in a healthy way and not in an unhealthy way.

If you struggle with comparison and trying to keep up with the fitness Joneses then maybe this week you need to…

  • reevaluate whom you follow on social media and
  • start to list down all the things that are awesome about you


Let’s kill comparison and learn to #DoYou

Much Love & Stay Healthy


8 thoughts on “In Pursuit Of The Perfect Body Shape : The UGLY Side Of Social Media ! ”

    1. Thank you so MUCH!!!! I will be having a good read of your posts Xx I am sure you love blogging as much as I do 🙈


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