Will You Fight or Flight? 


If anyone were to ask me what has been the best thing about blogging since I started, my number one response would be the dialogue that this blog has created between me, my friends, colleagues and pregnant mamas! The questions, comments, discussions and funny stories have honestly filled me with joy! One thing I have realised though is people seem to say “Ronia I don’t know how you do it?”

The simple answer is that I choose daily to FIGHT!

Fitness, health and wellbeing is a struggle for all. Please don’t let anyone lie to you and say they have never had to fight or work hard for all they have had to achieve! From putting aside the time to go to the gym, to meal planning, to eating clean, to progressing. It’s a FIGHT and the only difference between those that “do it” and those that “don’t” is that those that do it rise up to the challenge & fight!

The gym is an excellent indicator of how one generally approaches any challenging circumstances in life!

Do you run away or do you rise up and FIGHT!

Choose today to become a fighter! I will never forget my first session in the gym in June 2014. I was pushed to my maximum to the point that I ran out of the gym into the ladies toilets and laid on the floor feeling as though I was going to die! After a few minutes of realising that I was actually still alive I walked back into the gym and said to my trainer “what next?”

Do you have a “what next” mentality or a “that’s it” mentality?

I am writing this today really to challenge you to continue to FIGHT and push ON! The rewards of fighting and not giving up are so worth it in the long run!! Get up, get out there & FIGHT! Success will only ever be down to your mental capability Xx #BEENCOURAGED

Much love & stay healthy


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