“Here Is Your New Training Programme” 

I absolutely love it when I get an email from my trainer with the heading “New Training Programme” on! I have just finished reading my new programme for my next season and I am so PUMPED! I am also extremely challenged and afraid but mainly PUMPED and EXCITED!

I love training programmes!

I find it quite interesting that quite a few people in my world don’t understand the benefit of them at all. Some people think that they are a waste of time. Others would much rather potter around the gym going from this machine to that machine.

Well let me crush those 2 myths right now today! You see following a specific training programme is not a waste a time but in fact it allows an individual to make the very most of the time they have in the gym. When I walk into the gym with my programme ready it is all guns blazing from the time I start till I finish! If I had to stop and think of what I feel like doing next after each exercise I would possibly not always choose wisely or choose to go home !

Secondly a well written programme card will allow you to focus and strengthen a specific group of muscles allowing for #gains . Pottering from machine to machine will have you not fully work a specific group of muscles such as #legday #armday #chestday !

Programme cards are a great visual that allow an individual to stick to a plan as well as track their progress!

If you have never worked out using one I challenge you today to consider working with one. You will not regret it!

Have a great week…..

Much Love & Stay Healthy 



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