My OLD Diet vs My NEW Diet

Diet is by far the hardest part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Most people think that it is going to the gym that is the hardest part but in all honesty that is actually the easiest part. Breaking, changing and forming new diet habits can be a real struggle for many. Unfortunately a bad diet can easily undo all the hard work that one puts in the gym. 

I won’t lie to you…. I LOVE MY FOOD so in regards to diet we are all on the #struggleboat together! To help me leap out of the #struggleboat I personally had to take 4 big steps of change! These steps were so not easy or comfortable but the rewards were so worth the effort!



  • 7am – No Breakfast
  • 11am – Tea, 2-3 slices of white toast with an abundance of Lurpark and Lemon Curd
  • Snack – Chocolates (given to us by patients)
  • 2pm – Curry Supernoodles & a pudding
  • 5pm – Tea (2 sugars) & Biscuits (maybe 4)
  • 8pm – White Rice & Chicken & Jam  Roly-Poly & Custard
  • Snack – Popcorn



  • 745am – Oats, Banana & Peanut Butter
  • Snack – Fruit
  • 1230pm – Wholemeal Sandwich (ham) & fruit & yoghurt
  • Snack – Fruit
  • 6pm – Brown Rice, Chicken & Steamed Veg
  • Snack – Greek yoghurt & honey



Big Change no 1 – BREAKFAST

I never ever used to eat breakfast now I actually struggle to function without it. I encourage you to read my post about why breakfast should be a meal that is never skipped.

Big Change No 2 – HEALTHY SNACKS

In the hospital we are absolutely spoiled rotten  with an abundance of “thank you” chocolates and biscuits from our patients. The only problem I had is that I never understood the word moderation. I would just eat and eat and eat. Walk in the office = grab another chocolate. Now my lifestyle has changed so drastically that i rarely have chocolate but always have fruit or yoghurt. This little habit change allowed for me to succeed in my health and fitness goal.

Big Change No 3 – WHITE TO BROWN

Anything white for me is now a luxury to eat. Brown rice, bread & sweet potato is a healthier alternative to all their white counterparts. This is simply because anything brown, wholewheat or complex generally has increased fibre, nutrients and vitamins.


I used to have 2-3 teaspoons of sugar in all my hot drinks and in England we love our hot drinks. I could easily have up to 6 cups of tea or coffee in one day which would equal to 12-18 teaspoons of sugar. 18 teaspoons of sugar a day would equate to 558 teaspoons of sugar per month! Need I say more! I never thought I would be the person that would be able to not have sugar in hot drinks but now I am.


What changes can you bring into your diet this month!

Even if it is just one change, what could that change be. Diet will always be a journey for all of us so don’t expect to change overnight. It is a gradual process. Don’t forget to also reward yourself. Yes I may not snack on chocolate but hey once in a blue moon I do just sit and enjoy my dairy milk bar.

What would you like to change?

Let me know below…..

Much love & Stay healthy


5 thoughts on “My OLD Diet vs My NEW Diet”

  1. Great post. You’re new diet aligns very closely with meal plans I write for clients. Any trouble with consistency? That tends to be the sticking point for a lot of people. Old habits die hard as they say, especially with emotional eating and the brain rewards that come with added sugar and processed foods


    1. THANK YOU Fitcoach 🙌🏾! I couldn’t agree more with you though. The brain reward we do get from sugar is a real thing. I just really don’t want people to undo all their hard work in the gym because of this and I am sure you definitely know when your clients have had a few “extra pies!”

      Liked by 1 person

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