Valentine Special…. How To Know If Your Gym Crush Likes You Xx


Gym romance is fast becoming the new phenomenon!

Only last year was the gym named the number ONE place to flirt and meet new people !

The great thing is you already have something in common. The only problem however is that a lot of people are blinded to the signals that men and women send to each other.

How can one truly know that their crush may actually like them too before you make a move this valentines? 





1) She offers to share her bench with just you…

Trust me noone likes sharing their bench! Yes we all know it’s good gym etiquette to do so but deep down we would rather use it on our own. If a girl however rushes to offer to share her bench with you then yes this surely is a sign that she is pretty fond of you!


2) She takes out her headphones as soon as you are near her…

This clearly means YOU CAN TALK TO ME, COME TALK TO ME, PLEASE TALK TO ME! Whenever I have my headphones in, it clearly means I don’t want to talk to you so if a girl who clearly uses headphones all the time takes them out when you are around then say hi!


3) She always ends up next to you on the treadmill, crosstrainer, bike and everything else…

Yes when we develop a crush we follow you around with our puppy dog eyes. So yes even if treadmill is not on my programme card for the day I will somehow ensure that I confidently pretend that it was.


4) She smiles at you more than once…

Smiling at you once is us being polite. More than once mmmmmmm…. need I say more ?


5) She bypasses the gym instructor and comes and asks for your help…

This one is DEAD OBVIOUS! Nothing screams I like you more than this one especially if there is a gym instructor about! As females we will always act like the damsel in distress to give an opportunity for our Prince Chaming to come rescue us! Yes Please!


6) She comes and fills up her already full water bottle just because you are at the water fountain…

I mean desperate times require desperate measures. This sneaky manoeuvre is for us to just hope that you may say hi to us! We are presenting you with an opportunity to talk to us. We are making ourselves available.


7) She compliments you…

It takes guts for a woman in the gym to compliment you. Most of the time we compliment guys in our head, “he has good form, look at his pecs, he squats how much?” So if a girl verbally compliments you pay attention!




1) He offers to carry/ put away any of your weights…

Acts of chivalry towards a woman are a dead giveaway. Most men are not in the gym to help a woman put away her weights so if he on different occasions helps you with your weights start asking why?


2) He increases his weight as soon as you are around…

If a man likes you he will try his very best to impress you and there is no better way to impress a lady in the gym other than by displaying your strength and masculinity. Even if all he does is one rep after the weight increase he has proved his point right!


3) He makes eye contact or stares at you…

We all try and avoid eye contact but if your gym crush is making eye contact or staring at you its a sure sign he has the hearts for you.


4) He asks you out (whilst in the gym)…

Most men at the gym will not ask you out whilst in the gym but will hope to “accidentally” bump into you out of the gym so if he asks you out in the gym he 100% likes you!


5) You see him at  your weekly class of “Legs, Bums & Tums” though he squats 120kg…

“Oh Ronia I did not know you did this class at all!” …. I don’t need to say anything more!


6) He smiles at you.. A LOT…

Yes all you see is his pearly whites every time you glance his direction. He likes what he sees and that’s you! He likes you for sure. It’s very hard to hide our excitement when we see someone or something we like.



With buzzing hashtags such as #gymcouples #igfitcouples #couplesthatlift you don’t really have to go very far to see successful happy gym couples!

I am also sure they also had to stumble through the awkward stages of figuring out if their crush liked them too X

So this year don’t hold back but pursue that one who has caught your eye X


Wishing you all a very happy VALENTINES DAY ❤️
Much Love & Stay Healthy


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