5 Things To Do When You Just Don’t Feel Like Working Out!

“I will go to the gym, I will definetely go to the gym, I can make it to the gym…… Ooopsy how did I end up in bed instead?”

This my friends is the battle that any and every honest #fitspo out there has had to face! I know we all look like as if we easily glide into the gym full of energy and momentum on every occasion but even the top fitness enthusiasts in the world need a little motivation in their lives to get their butt out of bed or off the couch!

So how do we motivate ourselves….. here are my top 5 tips that I actually personally use to help get me to the gym when I would rather catch up on Home and Away in my cosy apartment!



1) Buddy Up

I cannot express to you the value of having a gym buddy.  Mine is called Alex! Arranging to workout with her keeps me motivated and accountable! When you arrange to meet someone and train with them it is very rare that you let that person down. The other benefit of having a gym buddy is that you simply don’t feel like as if you are going through this alone. Never underestimate the strength and support that comes from having a workout buddy. I truly appreciate mine! Thank you Alex X



2) Just Go

When you don’t feel like it just go! Get out the door! Walk into that gym! Just go. Trust me you will not regret it once you walk into that gym and start your workout. This I have to say is my number one key tip! Just keep showing up! Day in and day out! So many times I have walked out of my door not feeling like working out but have loved every moment of working out once at the gym! Just go!



3) Remember Your Goal

If you workout without a goal you will find it too easy to skip sessions because there is no purpose to what you are doing. Always ensure you have a goal even if it is to fit into a special dress. A goal will always keep one motivated! My goal at the moment is summer swag! I have never felt confident or comfortable in shorts or strapless dresses and this summer I aim to nail that!



4) Get Dressed Up

So many times I have come from caring for pregnant women to changing into my gym gear to just get me into the mood of working out! I won’t lie on these occasions it would have been easier to crash on the sofa after a hard days work but seeing myself in my gym gear has been enough motivation to get me to the gym to keep up the hard work.



5) Change Up Your Music Playlist

Never underestimate the power of a new playlist! The sheer excitement of working out to my new playlist has successfully got me to the gym on many occasions. If you are feeling bored a new playlist can bring a whole new meaning to an old workout routine.


How you are feeling, we have all felt before. Never beat yourself up! I love what Leornado DeAngelis says in the video below “I WILL PERSIST UNTIL I SUCCEED! I will remove the words can not out of my vocabulary, I will try and try again”

I know you can do it …. JUST GO!!!



Much Love & Stay Healthy


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5 thoughts on “5 Things To Do When You Just Don’t Feel Like Working Out!”

    1. Let’s move onto DAY 2!!! That fitness regime can be a struggle! We have all been there! But you can do it !!!


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