The Brutal Honest Reason Behind My Weight Gain!


I think sometimes as humans we try our very best to hide what is going on inside of us! We walk around with the most perfect plastic smile! Unfortunately one thing shows everyone if one is starting to fall apart behind closed doors and that is our ability or shall I say inability to take care of ourselves.

I remember sitting down and watching Chris Powell’s TV show calledObese A Year To Change Your Life” now called “Extreme Weightloss” and relating to the emotional state of so many of the clients!

None of these people had ever imagined themselves being in this state but something had broken down mentally in their lives that caused them to get there! I was like that’s me!

“It was a rude awakening!”

What had caused me to easily put on over 3 stone in under 2 years!

Firstly COMFORT. Food gave me comfort. Comfort from stress I was facing. When I couldn’t manage the stress I turned to food. Food made me feel secure and ok. The lowest I ever got and I remember this is when I easily ate 2 full big bags of sweet popcorn in bed at 11pm to calm myself down. I had become the person that turned to food!! I can also remember having a few KFC’s in bed just because I couldn’t be bothered to take care of myself and cook a healthy meal.




Honestlty how do we seriously get to a point in life where we can’t be asked to take care of ourselves?

“When do you stop becoming a priority in life?”

I had got to that point! I wasn’t a priority in my own life. No, everyone else was the priority! Let me ask you today have you stopped being a priority in your life? Honestly, how is it going with your self esteem? Do you feel you are actually worth it? What I loved about Chris Powell’s TV show is that he always got down to the root issue! The why behind the gain!

Below are some of the main reasons/emotions behind weight gain:

  • Abuse
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Loss of Control in Life
  • Relationships
  • Rejection
  • Anxiety
  • Poor Sleep

If you see yourself in any of these today then may this be your rude awakening!

 “Be the person that is not afraid to take care of themselves!”

The better you take care of yourself then the better you will be at taking care of others. Also lets get down to the root of why you have allowed yourself to get to how you are today? Let’s not work on our outside without working on your inside! Then in due time you will no doubt enjoy reaping the joy and rewards of having worked on both your inside & outside.

Much love & Stay Healthy

3 thoughts on “The Brutal Honest Reason Behind My Weight Gain!”

  1. I have been so much happier since I started caring more about myself and my health. I think the biggest cause of obesity is because people just don’t care about their bodies anymore and that is so upsetting. I love your blog ❤


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I agree with you totally!!!!! And that is why I challenged people and asked since when did you stop becoming the priority. Everything I believe starts from within! And we need people to start caring again 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I think it’s so important to love yourself and look after yourself – this means healthy but tasty eating, exercising well and resting well, and feeling confident and happy!


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