7 Reasons You Should Add Weights To Your Training TODAY! 

I LOVE weight training! It’s just so much fun but I honestly remember the very first time a set of dumbbells was handed over to me! I was like “what are those and why are you giving me those things, HELP!” I was so scared I wanted the ground to swallow me up! Now I am a changed lady!

“Bring on the weights is my new attitude”

There are so many preconceptions when it comes to weight training! I know because I had them myself but now here are MY TOP 7 REASONS why you should forget those preconceptions and reach for those dumbbells with utter confidence:

1) Burn More Calories


Weight training truly burns more calories than cardio alone. As you begin weight training your muscle mass will grow which will in turn increase your metabolism. With weight training you continue to burn calories way after your gym session. Studies have shown that people who use resistance/ weight training tend to lose more fat than those doing cardio alone.


2) You Sleep Better


I absolutely sleep so much better now that I weight train! I have had a couple of weeks where I have been under the weather and not trained and have noticed how interrupted my sleep has been during that time. Weight training improves your sleep quality which in turn improves your quality of life. You wake up more refreshed, energised and ready to go!


3) You Look Good in Your Undergarments


Can anyone say muscle definition!!! The beauty of weights is that it gives you muscle definition that will cause every person in your world to envy your body!  Cardio just makes one look skinny. Weights add that gorgeous toned definition. For all women worried about bulking…. we are simply not capable of doing that without some added help of testosterone.


4) Don’t Lose Muscle


Cardio only with a poor diet especially crash diets can cause one to lose muscle as well as fat. Weight training ensures that you protect as well as grow your muscles instead of losing muscle and looking smaller but flabby aka Skinny Fat.


5) You Increase in Confidence


Weight training has increased my confidence. As I lift more I become better, look better and feel better. With weight training you actually begin to feel strong and more fit.


6) It is Actually Fun


The amount of bants and fun I have by the weights is far more than that I have on any cardio machine! Cardio is cardio and it is very important in ensuring we get great results, but between the two weights trump cardio in the excitement factor!

With weights you have to manoeuvre through reps, sets, rest time, amount of weight etc (let us not forget the endless memes). You learn different moves and the reason/ muscle behind that move. There is so much to learn and do and that variety keeps anyone enjoying weights.


7) It Improves Your Character


Weight training has taught me discipline, honesty, hard work as well as humility! There are a few times I have had to learn that it’s ok to drop the weight because your form sucks Ronia. You learn quickly about gym etiquette as well.


2 years ago if you would have told me that today I would be into weight training , I would have laughed in your face! Today on this post I am telling you that you are going to be into weights!

feel free to laugh

I am however challenging you! Do yourself a favour and pick up those weights TODAY!

Much Love & Stay Healthy
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