10 Ways to Do Gym Etiquette Badly!

Observing gym etiquette is one of my most favourite things to do in the gym. It really gives an honest insight into people’s character. Is someone selfish, selfless, kind, respectful, polite or rude? I guess at times we wish the gyms would make etiquette easier for all of us by giving us a 100 page rule book but they trust their clients enough to behave like erm….. adults! But like in all things in life some people do exceedingly well in doing gym etiquette badly and this is how:


1) They Sweat & Go!


We all understand the gym is for getting your sweat on but no one in their right mind wants to come and sit on your sweat once you have gone! Not wiping down machine or benches after leaving a small pond is a sure way of doing gym etiquette badly.


2) They speak on their phone!


No the gym is not the place to catch up with your girlfriends! No one and I repeat no one wants to hear your phone conversation at all! Take 5, go out the gym, have your conversation and come back!


3) They find it really hard to return weights/equipment !


Unless your mom still picks up after you at home, this is just rude! Returning weights or equipment is just baseline standard of good gym etiquette!


4) They turn the gym into their personal photo shoot!


Ok I take selfies in the gym! But I don’t bring in my lighting team, stylist and photographer! I just don’t go overboard! Don’t go overboard! Spending 45 mins trying to get that perfect picture is overboard! A selfie here and there …… well we all do it!



5) They stand in front of someone using the mirror!


No word of a lie this happened to me just this week for the first time ever! My jaw almost dropped! I was clearly checking out my form whilst doing my upright row but oooooooo Mr Anonymous literally stood in front of me and started his bicep curls! I just erm… moved to the side where the mirror was actually free!


6) They forget deodorant.


Right we don’t expect to sit next to someone and expect them to have Dolce and Gabbana on but we definetely expect some good ol’ fashioned deodorant! Don’t be “that ” person that is known for body odour.


7) They hog a bench / machine whilst checking social media!


Right the leg press is not a recliner for one to get comfy on! Please don’t check social media, respond to texts etc for 10mins whilst someone is waiting for the equipment you are on. I completely understand people doing their sets and resting inbetween but I am sure no trainer would ever set rest time to be 10+ minutes! If they do I may need to have words with mine, he is working me too hard!


8) They follow, stalk, stare at you!


I am ever sooo thankful that my gym has no one like this at all. None of the clients I have ever spoken have ever voiced any concerns about this! Like I wrote in my previous post All Eyes On You , people will look at you in the gym don’t worry! Only worry when they get binoculars and popcorn out!


9) They give you advice you NEVER asked for!


Unless you actually casually chat to this person, please don’t approach them and correct their technique or criticise their routine! Yikes if you haven’t noticed there is always an instructor around in your gym and it’s their role to approach people and correct form.


10) They wear the same gym clothes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday!

Me & My Girlies X

Gym swag can be and has to be put in the washing machine! Don’t be that person that fails to wash their gym attire. It is like going to work in the same clothes Monday – Friday! Your employer would not be impressed!


Gym etiquette is fascinating! In 2016 let’s not be that person that is known for breaking all gym etiquette rules.

Remember be polite, be kind & be respectful


You never know the wonderful friendships/ relationships you may build from your new community. 

If there are any gym etiquette must do’s/ dont’s that you feel would have been great added on please comment below! I would absolutely love to hear from you!

Wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS

Much Love & Stay Healthy

Roni x

4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Do Gym Etiquette Badly!”

    1. It’s a hard one isn’t it. No one however will ever say no to new gym clothes. They might not get the message though and just wear those new ones all the time. Maybe a little word is needed 🙈


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