The No 1 thing to NEVER say to a #Fitspo 

Ok so you may not actually be aware of this but us #fitspos #gymrats #girlsthatlift have actually got feelings! I mean I know you may all be taken aback by all our gains and I know you may think that our abs of steel are a shield to our heart but the honest truth is some comments you guys throw our way actually penetrate our heart and *cough cough cough* do hurt!

I had the joys of experiencing that when one person came up and said to me

Ronia you are overdoing the whole fitness thing, don’t you think you need to slow down or stop!


This comment regardless of all the wonderful things other people had said before really affected me for quite a while. I actually started to feel guilty talking about my love of fitness or even mentioning that I was heading out for a quick gym session.

I spoke to my trainer and a few other gym colleagues about it holding and fighting back a few tears! I was so reassured by the feedback I got but was also shocked at how many people this affected! And these were healthy strong gym goers whom even I admired! My trainer told me that if anyone comes back and tells you to stop…..

you need to tell them to stop their non-fitness/ healthy lifestyle

OUCH & ouch! I am so happy I have not had to say that to anyone yet!!! If you have any friends that are #fitspos PLEASE don’t judge them! Honestly the discipline we need to do all we do is a challenge enough!

If you genuinely ever struggle with any nice things to say to us here are my top 3 compliments to give any #gymrat:

1) WOW ! Look at your GAINS!

Yes yes yes! It’s all about gains! We don’t eat clean because we hate the taste of erm… chicken wings, ice cream, custard or Victoria sponge !

2) WHAT are you eating? You look so healthy!

We are what we eat and this compliment is a direct high five to our clean eating! YES!! (Is it CHEAT DAY YET!)


3) Because of what you said, I have decided to…..


We secretly wish to inspire & influence others in our world and this compliment will warm any of your #fitfams hearts any day!


At times we really don’t think before we speak but as I close off today I want you to take a moment and think of words or comments that you may have thrown around or have had thrown towards you! No matter what any of our family or friends are trying to achieve in life be it fitness, starting a business, trying to achieve a dream let us be the voice that encourages instead !

Much love & Stay Healthy

Roni X

4 thoughts on “The No 1 thing to NEVER say to a #Fitspo ”

  1. Fitness has been a lifelong pursuit of mine and I’ve received every comment there is. Some flattering, some borderline insulting (my least favorite is “stop being so obsessive”. I’ve learned to realize that people have their own agenda, a lot of it borne from jealousy (i asume of my diligence and discipline) or ignorance. I know I’m doing the right thing for the right reasons, so now I just smile and move on. Let them deal with whatever they’re feeling that prompted the comment.


    1. I agree people definitely do have their own agenda! Thank you so much! I am definitely letting them deal with whatever they are feeling nowadays !


  2. I love this post! I love working out, and even if they they don’t understand why or how I manage to do it, they have to at least respect it. I’m glad you found a better way to look at that comment, people don’t always understand the consequences of what they’re saying.
    Thank you for this post 🙂


    1. Thanks Anne! Yes that comment affected me for a whole month but now it doesn’t phase me and I am truly proud to be a passionate #fitspo ! I believe people do secretly respect us 🙈 #thegainsonus


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