Start & Succeed In Your New Years Resolution Now! 

A couple of weeks ago me and Chris (my trainer aka The Boss) were talking about the different stages that we go through when we start to consider implementing change in our lives.

Those of you whom are regular gym attenders are highly aware of the upcoming influx of new gym members that will be joining us in just under 4 weeks


However why is it that by the time March comes a lot of our new found gym friends will be nowhere to be found?


#StartStrongFinishStronger in 2016

There are 5 STAGES of the behavioural change cycle that apply to everyone considering or currently involved in fitness and as you read this post I want you to consider where you are in this cycle and how you could possibly move along to the next stage before January 1st!


Stage 1 : The Precontemplation Phase!

This new diet is working!
This is our good old “denial” phase! You are pretty much in denial about your health status and are pretty much closed to any information given to you. I remember in 2013 a couple of my friends talking to me about exercise, the gym & healthy eating and boy was I in major denial! I honestly thought in my head “Why are they going on about this? This does not apply to me!” 

ASK yourself today are you in the denial phase? Your honesty is the key to unlocking the next stage! 


Stage 2 : The Contemplation Phase!


I do need to change!

This is the phase that you actually start to become aware that you do need to change.

You move out of denial and actually move into a realisation that something needs to be done.

For me the nurse telling me that I was OBESE is what moved me swiftly into this phase.  You may be having physical symptoms that are telling you that you need to change? Clothes tight, shortness of breath, unable to play long with your kids? What is it?

ASK yourself today am I even aware I need to change? Your awareness of your struggles will be your guide for your preparation.


Stage 3: The Preparation Phase!


The Gym

This is the phase that you actually start to put things into place! The nurse told me I was obese therefore I joined the gym and began working with Chris! I also wrote down my vision of reaching a healthy BMI after 1 year of training.

ASK yourself today have you seriously begun to put anything in place? You cannot execute anything without a plan in place?


Stage 4: The Action Phase!


Squats with a bar

This is your execution phase! I had joined the gym, received my first programme from Chris and had just started it! This is the hardest phase. The work now has to be put in and possibility of quitting is high!

ASK yourself what is the vision for myself? If you know why you are doing what you are doing then what you are doing becomes easier!


Stage 5: The Maintenance Phase!

This is the phase I am in now! I have achieved my goal! I am at my normal BMI! I am healthy and strong and fit! This phase I have realised is the longest phase of them all!

Fitness becomes a journey that never stops but actually becomes more and more exciting as you delve deeper into it!

ASK yourself what challenges can I set myself up with. I find new challenges and goals help to ensure that one does not relapse. 


The Unspoken Phase: Relapse!

Just today I was speaking to one of the trainers in the gym whom said that it baffles him that people just want to go hard for 10-12 weeks , achieve their goal of fitting into that bikini and then wave goodbye to everything! Relapse is a possibility for all of us, myself included. However let me encourage you today to work towards fitness becoming a lifestyle change and not just a 3 month boot camp.


Today I want you to look at where you are on the stages and commit to working towards moving to the next stage. If you are in denial lets get you out of there now! I would love for you to start and work through your Fitness New Years Resolutions now and for you to be the person that we still see on this exciting journey this time next year! You can do it !

Much Love & Stay Healthy


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