What I Truly Struggled With Last Christmas…

Last year I truly struggled with feeling alone in this fitness journey over the festive season.

My regular gym buddies had gone away or couldn’t make it to the gym during the holiday seasons opening times.  It seems stupid but the support you have from people you train with or have a chat with in the gym is immense. You develop your own little family and support network which one should never take for granted.

The one thing that helped me was keeping in touch with people via phone, text or social media! Knowing that they were still working hard pushed me to continue to work hard during the festive season. I knew then that I wasn’t alone at doing this.

The second thing I struggled with was the fear of feeling judged.

I had now developed new habits and ways of eating and I felt observed and judged in regards to what food hit my plate, if I went for seconds, if I used whole milk or not and as silly as it sounds but how much sugar I had in my tea? I was asked here and there to explain my diet choices not in a bad way but in a “I have been watching you and noticed” kind of way.

One half of my family and friends wanted to see me eating healthy 24/7, the other half wanted to see me let go and eat as many calories as I could. I chose to do what I had planned to do which was to eat in moderation as discussed in my previous blog post Navigating Festive Food & Drink.

If like me you have ever felt alone or judged by family and friends let me know your experiences below. However this season I just encourage each and every one of you to keep in touch with those who support you and to be confident in your new established habits.

Dont forget people watch and learn from you and are inspired by what you do.

Much love, Stay Healthy 

Roni x

4 thoughts on “What I Truly Struggled With Last Christmas…”

  1. Ugh, yes, the judgmental thing is exactly how I feel! Most in my family know that I’ve changed my diet and lost weight, but now they seem to pay attention to what I’m eating and will often comment on it. I don’t think they mean anything by it at all, but it makes me self conscious


    1. Yes they definitely don’t mean anything by it. What I have realised is that they are actually just curious and intrigued most of the time.


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