Navigating Festive Food & Drink!

Yikes it’s November and the festive season is upon us! That means staff parties, Christmas dinner, Christmas pudding, Boxing Day leftovers, after 8 mints, pâtés, alcohol, more alcohol, eggnog, chocolates and sooooo much more! Yikes! So how does one even begin to navigate this territory and come out successful on the other side and not 10lbs heavier?

One thing I would like to encourage you to do this year that greatly helped me last year is to actually plan your cheat meals/ days. You know last year I remember having so much anxiety thinking that I would fail miserably going through this season as I LOVE food, however the one thing that made all the difference for me was the permission I got from my trainer to eat what I wanted on Christmas Day! To tell you the truth I almost passed out with shock! However just that one statement kept me on my clean eating plan for all the other days because I knew I had Christmas Day to indulge. Planned cheat days do help as seen below!

The main danger of not having planned cheat meals or days is that one can end up going from a cheat meal to day to week to month! Honestly we all say “we will start to eat healthy tomorrow” but tomorrow never comes and ESPECIALLY over the festive period.

Though your planned cheat days or meals are in don’t go too overboard! Last year for our staff Christmas party we went to the king of the all you can eat buffet!

I mean honestly I could have eaten a village as you can see but I had what I wanted but in moderation! Over the festive period yes have your cheat meal/day but please don’t eat the whole turkey and the whole box of chocolates. Let’s do it in moderation.

2016 is waiting for you and I would love for you all to not walk into it feeling down about your eating over Christmas. So how do I do this you ask:

  • Identify your days with parties / events on that you know you may overindulge
  • Make those your cheat meals/ days
  • Make a list of exactly you would love to eat
  • Eat that in moderation
  • Enjoy & Dont feel guilty
  • Don’t postpone your return back to your healthy/ clean eating. “Tomorrow never comes”

Hope this helps someone today x Much Love

Stay Healthy

Roni X

#CheatMeal #CheatDay

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