2 weeks ago whilst getting ready to go catch some babies, I watched an awesome Sky News interview by Eamon Holmes! He was interviewing the gorgeous Chloe Madeley. What they spoke about really resonated with me! 

You see lately a lot of my friends and family have continued to ask me if I am still losing weight. The general question I get asked now is “How much more weight have you lost?” 

“Ronia how much more weight have you lost?” Or “Ronia what is your target, are you still really going to the gym”

I wanted to write today’s blog to be 100% transparent & to talk about my goals. I have put up my true and honest body stats! This is how raw & open I want to be. 

My initial aim for my weight journey was to get to my healthy BMI! Took me a year but I am there. Phase 2 for me now is to be #strongnotskinny ! If you can see my weight really has not changed at all for 5 months but my body shape and measurements have! 

The true key to health is not just weight loss but FAT LOSS. Fat loss is seen by how your body measurements change and how toned one looks. That is why weight training combined with cardio is important. See previous blog post Ask The Trainer 10 Questions for more information about this. 

I want to encourage everyone to not only aim to be a certain weight as you embark or continue on your fitness journey but instead to aim to be #StrongNotSkinny x That is what in my eyes is truly sexy & healthy! 

Much Love

Stay Healthy,


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6 thoughts on “#StrongNotSkinny”

  1. Thanks for being so honest! It’s so easy to be fixated on being skinny as opposed to being strong and healthy. I love this post 🙂


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