Ask The Trainer 10 Questions …. Part 2  

Here we go ….. PART 2!

6) Carbs or Protein?

The age old question carbs vs protein, well it all depends on your goals and your trainer should help guide you according to what you are wanting to achieve. Generally speaking however you would see your carb intake reduced and protein intake either increased or maintained when looking to reduce body fat.

7) As a PT why would you encourage someone to work with a PT? Can’t we just get on with it on our own? 

One word….. MOTIVATION!!! A PT can constantly push you and adapt your programmes so you are always either seeing results or constantly wanting to hit the gym, because every day is a new challenge. Boredom is a big factor why people aren’t active enough! 

Just remember it’s not always about results, I want my clients to have fun and enjoy what they do, the gym is stress relief, anger management and a leisure activity, for me that comes first before results. If you enjoy something, the rest will fall into place!


8) MOTIVATION it is… So what are your top 3 tips  on staying motivated?

  • Get & Follow a routine and stick to it! 
  • Change things up when needed, time lines are great, but if you’ve had enough, switch it up (maybe for just a week)
  • Get a PT – *Alert Self Advertising*- (preferably me haha) *RONIA writing: THAT is Chris being cheeky!

9) Help us out, what qualities clients should I ensure my PT has?

Choosing the right PT is essential, but you won’t always get it right. Don’t be afraid to change PT if they don’t match your expectations, goals or personality. But at least give them a chance and explain any short comings in their methods so they can firstly defend their programme and secondly make any changes, and if they still don’t fit your requirements, then move on.

 But the primary answer here is that there is no right answer. Some people don’t want results they might want a PT who keeps them motivated and someone to chat to whilst training, and if small goals are hit, then that’s a bonus. It’s called personal training for a reason, and if the training isn’t personal then it isn’t right for you.

Sure we all have our favourite exercises and session structures but they don’t work for everyone, if your trainer is unwilling to adapt and change a programme around your goals, time restraints and personal life, then they are probably not as good as they seem.

10) Give us the goss please! Worst clients vs Best clients… YIKES!

We are all humans, and we all have pet hates as well as opinions on others, regardless if people admit it all not, we all do. To be a good trainer, you have to be able to adapt to all personalities.

 But on a serious note, the worst type of clients are those who want to change right there and then after one session, without eating healthy, without taking our advice and without putting any effort into their training sessions.

 A good trainer is not just a good motivator, but a good listener as well. You see if a “worst” client wants to express themselves throughout a session and wishes to MOAN MOAN & MOAN the whole way through then that’s what I will let them do. I might just be helping someone deal with depression or severe stress without them being on medication.

To be honest however it really is our job to educate people, so a “worst” client should turn to a “BEST” client if the trainer can successfully pass on their knowledge to help change their attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle.

 But a readymade “BEST” client for me is someone who is:

  • Motivated to change
  • Puts in the hard work
  • Tries new exercises
  • Loves a challenge
  • Ask questions
  • Tells me if they don’t like something
  • Is honest
  • And above all, has fun whilst training and has a laugh and a joke with me, even whilst struggling through a tough session.

Ronia’s 2 cents worth: 

I feel this has been a great way to close the chapter on all things personal trainer wise! I really hope I have done some justice on why we all need someone to be our motivator! What stuck out to me the most in these questions is what makes a good vs bad client. I can’t wait to share my own personal experiences of being an utter rubbish client and turning good! Trust me I have done some stuff! 

Till next week ! 

As Chris says: Train Hard, Eat Right, Get Results ! 

Ronia x

~ ~

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