Ask The Trainer 10 Questions… PART 1 

Sooo I decided to allow my trainer to gatecrash my blog! His name is Chris and I fired 10 FAQ’s out to him. Here is Part 1 of Ask The Trainer!

Gatecrashers details: – Chris.H (Personal Trainer, Sports Coach) & BBSc Hons in Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.

 1) Weights or Cardio?

Both, without going into too much detail, they both interlink perfectly to provide the platform for fat burning and weight loss, as well as gains in muscle. How your body responds to weights and cardio depends on your goals, how the session is structured and above all DIET.

I’m sure you’ve all heard or know at least one gym goer who has said, “I won’t do weights, I don’t want to put on lots of muscle.” Trust me, give it a try, or if you want me to explain in more detail contact me (details below) I will. But muscles don’t grow overnight from doing 10 squats and eating a few portions of protein.

2) To shake or not to shake? What’s the deal with protein shakes?

This all depends on your goals when training, and more importantly your diet and lifestyle and available free time. Protein shakes are a supplement to your diet, not a meal. So make sure you get individual advice from a qualified trainer if they feel you would benefit from them.

If you however can get all your nutritional needs through your daily diet, then you don’t really need protein shakes.

3) Can I target fat on one specific part of my body?

The standard answer is NO NO & NO, but you can work specific areas more within your training programme, however keep in mind that this focuses on the muscle and not the actual fat stores there.

There is some evidence however that proves that strict diets and hormone control can help target more specific areas but I’ll save you that long answer. It is also a more specialist area that I have no problem admitting I’m not an expert in. But evidence is out there.

4) I have started this fitness journey… How long till I get any results?

You may not see results for a while, or you may see them within a few weeks, this is all personal and depends on the genetic card you’ve been dealt (body type), your diet and the suitability of the programme for you and your goals.

Honestly, as I say to most of my clients ‘Results don’t motivate me’… clearly this will go against what a lot of you would expect to hear from a PT, and likewise a lot of PT’s will disagree with me, but I train people to help IMPROVE their lifestyle, to help you do daily tasks easier and without effort. I want to improve the WHOLE client, not just their looks and for that to occur a client has to enjoy what they are doing!

You see any PT can restrict your diet and set you a programme that will burn calories and cause weight loss, but it sometimes isn’t that healthy and MOST people certainly aren’t going to stick to it long term.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself what’s better:

a)Losing 14 pounds in one month, hate what you’re eating, hate going to the gym because you have no energy and disliking the exercises therefore only increasing the chances of you stopping in a few months and putting the weight back on, OR

b) Losing 1-2 pounds a week (maybe less), but feeling better, looking better, and as a result feeling more confident and training more! Not forgetting as well eating healthier through choice and not a dictated food schedule and enjoying it that much it’s now part of your daily life, and not a chore!

I know which I would chose! If you want rapid weight loss and a food plan of exactly what time to eat, how much and exactly what food, then I’m not your guy (Don’t get me wrong I know this can be healthy and done correctly before people go mad at me, it’s just not my style or preferred method for non-competitive exercisers)

5) How would you describe yourself in 3 words!

  •  Motivator
  • Cheeky
  • Unpredictable

Cheeky Question)  How can one get in contact with you please? is the best way to get in touch. Or if you prefer, you can feel free to talk to one of my existing clients.

MY MOTTO:  Train Hard. Eat Right. Get Results.

Ronia’s 2 cents worth (Any excuse for me to blog):

Feels strange having someone crash and take over my blog but I must say I absolutely love all that Chris has said above! I think my most favourite thing is his vision of wanting to help the client as a whole. That speaks volumes. I have always said and will always say to others that the best thing that Chris has done for me is that he has not only helped me get my fitness back but most of all my LOVE for fitness back! He just makes everything fun!

Really hope Part 1 has helped some people this week! Part 2 up next Monday! Can’t wait!!

Much Love & Stay Healthy x


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